3 ways To Care For Your Car

Hey Cats, 

One of the things from a young age we are all so eager to do is get driving. We go on hours of lessons and save our cash to buy the car. Once you have the car you need to look after it and make sure you’re keeping it in the best condition you can. I got you covered here are my tips for looking after your car.

This one may sound simple but get to know your car...it is so much more than a machine that gets you from A to B. The more you learn about your model, the engine and the parts the easier it will be to spot when things may be going wrong. Make sure you know how to do the little things like change a tyre, check your oil and fix your tyre pressure. 

Try not to leave car servicing until the last minute, if you do get it checked regularly you will know hen to get new parts. This is especially important when driving a luxury branded car such as a Porche as the parts can become very expensive.

If you wait until your MOT and find out you need new parts then your garage may not pass you. This could lead to you paying much higher prices for your car parts. It is also better to get these from a reputable brand who knows your car well. Spare parts for the car brand Porsche you find here BESTPARTSTORE.co.uk

Make sure you have a car care kit available in your boot. You can customise this to your own needs or buy it from a retailer. This can be as simple as making sure you have de-icer, screen wash, spare oil and any other little bits you may need. Again this seems like a simple tip but making sure your car never runs low will help keep it in good repair and ensure you’re not stranded on the road side. 

What are your car care tips?


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