Willow and why we need a series two

When I first heard Willow was being made into a series I was super excited. It’s one of those films that really sticks in my memory from my childhood. I remember watching it with my Dad so many times and it was always so dark but Magical. It’s no surprise that my favourite film was Labyrinth, anything mystical and magical just draws me in. With my Dad recently passing and breaking my heart I forgot all about the launch. Then I just started hearing it wasn’t good and that people were disappointed and so I pushed it to the side for a while. The other day I was scrolling through Disney+ and saw it pop up and thought it’s time to give it a go. If you follow me on Twitter you would have already seen that I actually really loved it! 

The main thing you panic about when something you love is being developed into something new is characters. We all fall in love with characters and don’t want to see them portrayed in a way we don’t like. Also bringing in new people can seem weird but I have to say by the end of this series I genuinely loved each of the main adventurers. The cast did so well because the characters are all really fun and I just felt like I really wanted to hang out with them all and that I was genuinely part of the adventure. 

At first I really struggled to like Kit. I loved that she didn’t want to be a typical princess and was so much like her mother (who we know and love from the film) but she just seemed so naive and kinda jealous. However I think that was the idea because she developed so well throughout the series. I love her storyline with Jade the classic princess and knight tale but with a real spin was one of my favourite side stories. It’s also really important to represent LGBTQ relationships in a variety of shows so loved this. Jade was one of my favourite new characters. I loved her passion and loyalty and just how head over heels she really was for Kit. 

Boorman wins best character for me. He is really funny, and just has a really good energy when he isn’t treasure obsessed but I feel like we have so much more to learn about him. Graydon also developed a lot through the series and I love that he discovered magic but I think it would have been more interesting to have him have some other quality but I did love when he bonded with Eric the mythical creature! So seeing him explore more of a connection with animals would be more interesting and keep it varied. 

Elora was not only beautiful but seeing her grow stronger and rise from being a kitchen maid who baked the best muffins to kick ass sorceress is amazing. Her bond with Willow is really endearing and her connection with Graydon was so much more fun than just falling for the fuck boy prince but no love story would be even better as she has so much going on just being herself. She seems fiercely loyal and devoted. It's crazy how once she discovers she is not Dove but Elora how her confidence drops because this girl was about to take on the world with no magic and no idea what she was getting into. We need a series two to explore all these characters on a deeper level. 

Willow of course we already loved from the film and it wouldn’t be Willow without him. He brings such a nurturing role to the group. I did kinda feel like Warwick was a little off in some parts but he is always so passionate about the role so I loved to see him back rather than replaced. 

Can we also spare a minute to appreciate that the Christian Slater made an appearance!!! I had somehow completely missed this in the media so it was an amazing surprise. I loved his role, He was funny and just classic slater. That alone was a magical experience for me.

There are so many themes throughout the series that made me just want to watch the next episode instantly. Romance, girls being powerful as fuck, friendships and more. I love seeing mythical creatures but would love to see this developed more as they are such a big part of dark fantasy. I  was a little disappointed when we didn’t get to see the death dogs as they were iconic in the film and one of the things that stayed with me. The villains were creative but I loved that they also had personality and were actually kind of funny. 

The styling is just perfect especially with Elora! Her cape is just stunning and each character is just perfection so major kudos to the wardrobe team. Series two again please we need more of this stunning garment sorcery. 

There is a ton of action, lots of fighting and high energy scenes but these also don’t drag on because I get bored with fights so for me this is a big win. 

Is it a bit cringe at times…yeah but that’s all part of the charm of fantasy right? Plus as they all have a great sense of humour it is carried off so well!  I heard Disney+ dropped Willow for series two which is really sad but the team have said there will be something. I’m holding out for that hope because there are so many amazing adventures for this team to go on. 

Have you watched willow? What did you think? 


  1. I had not heard that there will be something even after it got canceled; I really enjoyed the series overall and wanted to see how it was going to progress. Overall, it was done very well and I look forward to finding out what they are going to do!

  2. This is first time to know about this and it is surprising to me as well that they will make it into a series.


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