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Teen Calm Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

Hey Cats,

Now I have always had a love for subscription boxes and there are so many to choose from! So when the ladies over at Teen Calm offered to send me a box to review I jumped at the chance. Teen Calm is an independent business you need to be supporting, put together by a mother and daughter team and run directly from their home. The aim of Teen Calm is to help teenagers create a safe place and be able to combat their anxiety. Mental health is so important and being a teenager is a very anxious time for most people with the pressures of finding out who you are and exams. I know you all want to know what you get in a box so lets get stuck in!

The box is packed full of goodies that would thrill any teenager...or even not so teenager I was really excited and loved every item in the box. I personally think this box would be fantastic for anyone who suffers from anxiety and just needs a boost of love and guidance. All the items are well thought out to help in little ways to keep your focus somewhere else or help channel your worries on a sad or stressful day.

Who doesn't love stationary? I am yet to meet that person! Writing down your thoughts in a journal can be a great way to help keep anxiety at bay. I really like using notebooks to write lists to keep me motivated and on track with my day. These books are great to get into journal logging, making lists, writing stories or just doing school work. I love the cute design which makes you want to smile and these pastel highlighters brighten up any miserable notes. I find when I use bright colourful pens and stationary it keeps my attention and helps me break down my work making me feel less stressed. Honestly I have a notebook for everything!

Affirmations can also be a great way to help with anxiety, when I am feeling stressed out sometimes saying a little mantra to myself really helps. These postcards are great for popping on a mirror, sticking on a bedroom wall or even giving to a friend who may be struggling and they look awesome too!

Not so long ago there was a boom of fidget toys mostly fidget spinners and cubes but they are proven to help you focus on something other than your thoughts. Fidget toys are also great for helping teens with ADHD or Autism focus better on studying. When I am anxious I like to have something with me I can keep my hands busy with and it can really help calm your nerves even if only a little. This zebra print tangle toy looks awesome and is a lot of dun to tangle, twist and pop. It also looks super cool too! If you are yet to try Candy Kittens they are so yummy and when my step son is anxious we have contents to see who can make one last longer. Sometimes sucking on sweets and sharp flavours can give you something else to focus on.

Self care is important and when we get stressed it can manifest in physical ways such too. I often bite my lip or rub them together when I am nervous so this lip balm was a great addition. It is cute and easy to spot to remember to look after yourself even if it is just a small thing like using lip balm or hand cream. The last item was this beautiful jute bag and wooden heart with the message of stay strong. Having a symbol like this reminding you to stay string when you really don't feel it is a great thing to have in your room, on your bag or in a school locker.

The box has lots of different pricing options if you buy a year then it works out cheaper or you can choose to buy monthly or one off for £25 plus postage. This is a reasonable price for all the goodies you get and a great gift to send to someone who is struggling. If you are struggling with your mental health then please reach out my inbox is always open or try speaking to the Samaritans.

What do you think of the Teen Calm subscription box?

*The box was gifted but all opinions are my own


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