Choosing The Right Diamonds For Your Engagement Ring

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Buying a diamond engagement ring is a significant investment, as well as being a testament to the love that you have for your future partner. As such, you need to do due diligence before you go shopping for a ring so that you better understand what it is that you are buying. 

The first thing to look at when it comes to choosing a diamond ring for your beloved is the 4 Cs, which are cut, clarity, colour, and carat. When you have enough knowledge, you can then go shopping for the perfect engagement ring and make sure that your money goes as far as possible and you get the ring of your bride’s dreams.

The Diamonds Clarity

When you look for Diamonds in New Zealand, a reputable diamond wholesaler, they will be able to supply a variety of different grade diamonds of varying clarity from which you can choose. The clearer the diamond is and the fewer flaws, the more expensive it is, and depending on the size of the diamonds and if they are the centrepiece or not, you can often get away with using diamonds of a slightly less clarity, which can showpiece the centre stone which has an imperceptibly higher level of clarity to the untrained eye.

The Diamonds Colour

The colour of a diamond is something else that can have a significant effect on its value. The more intense the colour, or clearer the diamond if it is white, the more expensive it is, and you can often save money by purchasing a diamond a couple of shades lower as once it is set in the ring, only an expert would be able to tell the difference.

Gold Ring With Pink Gem
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If you are surrounding a centre stone with other precious gemstones, this will also affect the way that the light reflects and intensify the shine without having to get the highest quality gemstones and will save you some money. Whether you are looking for a brilliant white diamond or a fancy intense pink piece, knowing how the intensity of colour affects the pricing should help you decide on what ring to get. 

The Diamonds Cut

There are many different diamond cuts to choose from when selecting diamonds, and each one reflects the light differently, making each one unique. As fashions and trends change, so does popularity in specific cuts of diamonds, and for 2019 the cuts below are proving to be very popular with couples looking to get engaged. 

Round Cut - A popular cut for large diamonds and engagement rings with just a centre stone. 

Pear Cut - The pear cut is regaining in popularity due to the larger surface area and giving the appearance of a much larger gemstone. 

Emerald Cut - The emerald cut is also known for its clean straight lines and classic styling.

Cushion Cut - the cushion cut is also popular in 2019 and a favourite of brides who are looking for alternatives to the traditional round brilliant cut of diamonds

Oval Cut - The oval cut is another choice increasing in popularity in 2019 and this style of cut suits most fingers. 

The Diamond Carat Weight

The last of the four C’s is the carat, or carat weight of the diamond, which also has a significant bearing on the value of the gemstone. The larger the carat, the more expensive it is, which is why people are looking to choose diamond cuts which give the appearance that the gem is more significant than it is.
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Once you have educated yourself, you can then speak to reputable jewellers about designing and creating the engagement ring of your dreams, and most trustworthy jewellers will help to teach their customers on what they need to know. By making sure that their customer understands what they are buying and get just what they want, they can ensure that their customers walk away 100% satisfied and their excellent reputation is maintained.


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