The Dreamer’s Odyssey (A Guide To The Creative Unconscious) Book Review

was lucky enough that Literally PR asked me to take part in another great book tour. I have had some great books from them in the past so of course I jumped at the chance. Even better is that this book is all about dreams and how to interpret them. 

The Dreamer’s Odyssey (a guide to the creative unconscious) by Jacqueline Flecknoe-Brown is an amazing book. The author is a professional junglian analyst who already has a tried and tested 10 week course that helps you explore your dreams through the works of Dr Carl Jung. Jacqueline is a professional in the field of psychology with decades worth of experience and research. Having worked in a variety of psychological fields she really found her passion when it came to dream interpretation and symbolic communication. So you can really trust this author and professional to guide you through the process. 

I have to say this book was a huge learning curve for me as I was not aware of Dr Jung. His work is so interesting and helps you learn so much about the psychology of sleep. 

The first step of the book is to learn about how to set up the best dream diary. I have been guilty of setting up a dream diary in the past but learning it should be kept by your bed to make sure you can capture as much of the dream as you can. Even when waking up in the night is super important and it’s a routine you need to train yourself to get into if you really want to learn more about yourself. Week one is about getting yourself into that routine. 

The book has lots of great quotes from Dr Jung and other psychologists to help while Jacqueline explains and breaks down these theories for us. There are also lots of sections within the book to take notes as it is meant to be interactive and important that when you’re reading this you’re ready to work through it. 

The book is broken down into tasks and explanations to take you on a learning and discovery journey with your dreams. Through this we learn about our ‘shadow self’ which wants to be heard by us and speaks to us in our dreams through symbolism. This symbolism and methodology is broken down for us such as the psychological researched meanings behind different aspects within our dreams. 

There is a lot of work around messages from our subconscious mind which is just fascinating. The journey from the book allows you to learn so much about yourself. The course really can be an emotional and enlightening journey so if you feel ready to learn about yourself and your inner self then you absolutely must pick up this book. 

You can find more information about the book over on goodreads. The book is available in physical and ebook internationally although I urge you where possible to pick up a physical copy. As I mentioned there’s lots of space for notes and is the perfect book to tab and highlight to really get into the process. Plus for me I found picking up a physical book for this work helped me set my intentions and openness. 


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