Making Your Life Easier Online

Hey Cats,

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay
We all know and have made use of how the internet has benefited our lives in some way. You wouldn’t be reading this without it, and there are many other things which have just become part of our everyday lives. Online shopping, online Learning online banking a…

Bringing The Spa Home

Hey Cats,

It’s been a hard couple of months and it’s time for a well-earned break for a little bit of luxury and pampering. Unfortunately, the budget is a little on the tight side so there’s only one alternative: a home-based spa weekend. And why not? You might not be able to afford a top of the ran…

Tips For Saving for your wedding

Hey Cats,

Getting married can be super exciting but such hard work in getting all the cash together. As you know I am saving for the happy day myself and I wanted to share my tips with you and I am dying to hear your tips too help a grrrl out!!

Every Penny Counts

Literally is crazy how quickly…

Spring Cleaning Your Garden

Hey Cats,

The weather is picking up and the flowers are starting to bloom so it is time to get out in that garden and give it a good tidy. Whether you have a patio or a huge green space taking pride in your garden pays off so when the sunny days hit you have your own tranquil space to kick back and…
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