I tried Buzzballz so you don’t have to!

 I have been seeing Buzzballz everywhere online so when they came into my local spar on offer I thought I would give them a go. They are all made to be had straight from the ball like container mostly to get a quick buzz. Rocking in at 13.5% they really are going to pack a punch in a short drink

There are 6 flavours choc tease, tequila Rita , strawberry Rita, chilli mango, lotta colada  and expresso martini. I do think there are some more flavours around but these are the more widely available. They are all based around popular cocktails especially enjoyed when partying. So we tried them all so you don’t have to! 

The one I was most excited to try was the Choc tease which is a mix of cream, vodka and a chocolate flavouring. Tell me a boozy milkshake doesn’t just sound amazing. This was really creamy and smooth, a little too easy to drink and if I’m honest was the best flavour of all of the buzzballz we tried! I’m already a big fan of Irish cream style drinks which this was definitely reminiscent of. It did have a chocolatey taste but wasn’t massively strong. This would be great over ice or even tasty over ice cream to stay cool this summer. 

Next up to the taste test was the tequila rita a neon green drink the toxic avenger would be proud to be partying with. This one like all great tequila drinks was STRONG you could really taste the tequila. As well as tequila this also has triple sec, citrus and natural flavourings. If you’re a fan of tart flavours that have that real sour kick this is the one for you. I feel like this would make the perfect slush puppy drink. We popped ours in the freezer for a bit to enjoy super chilled. 

Another buzzball that would be a killer slush is the Strawberry Rita. It's very syrupy, so great if you have a sweet tooth. A mix of tequila and vodka and fruity flavours. This is one that took sipping or you felt like you were on a crazy sugar high. I thought was just ok, nice to have on a sunny day. 

One we really liked was the chilli mango juice based ball. Featuring mango, jalapeño, vodka and tequila to give that spicy margarita feel. This certainly has a kick but still tastes really fresh at the same time. If you have never had chilli on your mangoes before I really suggest you try it because it’s delicious and this drink captures that lushious taste. I could see this one at a bbq or beach picnic on a hot summer day. 

Lotta collards was one we were hyped to try and have to say it was actually disappointing! We love a pina colada so with the name that’s what we were expecting: a nice creamy exotic tasting drink. Sadly it was actually really bitter and slightly artificial tasting. It features coconut, rum and pineapple juice but just didn’t seem to convey those flavours. 

Last up was the Expresso martini again another one with high hopes and your girl loves an expresso martini. The almost chocolatey coffee came across but was just overpowered by strong vodka flavours but damn do you know you’re drinking these drinks. 

They all certainly do give you a buzz but I can sense a strong hangover if you have too many. As a pack shared among friends at a festival, in line for a gig or out and about when you want a quick buzz and can’t be mixing drinks they certainly have a place. They are fun too and look interesting and I would get the chilli mango and choc tease for these occasions. 

Have you tried them? 


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