Choosing the right fonts for personal and commercial use

Hey Cats, 

In a digital world one thing we all take for granted is fonts. Yes you heard me fonts… the kind I’m writing with right now. Making written words look aesthetically pleasing, clear and easy to read all comes down to taking the time to pick the correct font. The style can help us convey a m…

3 ways To Care For Your Car

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One of the things from a young age we are all so eager to do is get driving. We go on hours of lessons and save our cash to buy the car. Once you have the car you need to look after it and make sure you’re keeping it in the best condition you can. I got you covered here are my tips for lo…

CBD Explained With Benefits

Hey Cats, 
You may have heard about the rise in the use of products containing CBD. There’s a lot of confusion about what CBD actually is and how it’s used. I am going to break it down for you and explain the benefits. 
What is CBD?
CBD is just the shortened term for cannabidiol which is one of the co…

Why You Should Be Refining Your Dating Choices Locally!

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With Valentines just around the corner love is in the air. If you aren’t feeling the love right now and want to then maybe online dating like Love Strathclyde singles is for you. Online dating seems to scare so many people but honestly in the fast moving world that we live in it is so eas…

The Upstairs Cafe Bakewell Review

Hey Cats, 
I have been lucky enough to work in the lovely picturesque town of Bakewell for the last three and a half years. It is a great place to visit for a day of strolling by the river and dining out. I wanted to tell you all about The Upstairs Cafe which is one of my favourite places to go to l…
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