CBD Explained With Benefits

Hey Cats, 

You may have heard about the rise in the use of products containing CBD. There’s a lot of confusion about what CBD actually is and how it’s used. I am going to break it down for you and explain the benefits. 

What is CBD?

CBD is just the shortened term for cannabidiol which is one of the compounds from the cannabis plant. The plant is made up of 100 different compounds and after extensive research it has been found that CBD actually has a lot of medical benefits. This is not to be confused with THC, the compound which can get you high as CBD is not psychoactive at all. CBD products are legal to use and be purchased so do not fear this is not the kind of marijuana that gets bad press. 

What are the benefits? 

There are many medical benefits for the use of CBD and The CBD Guide is a great place to discover more information. The CBD oil is extracted from the plant and made into products to help aid people with their daily living. You can buy CBD in many different forms from gummy bears to lollipops to oil. There is something to suit everyone. 

The biggest benefit from CBD is its use for pain relief. Many chronic pain sufferers have been able to find comfort by using CBD products. Scientific studies has shown that it can help reduce inflammation and works with our neuro sensors to combat pain. 

CBD is also popular with helping reduce anxiety and depression. Extensive studies have shown a huge impact on helping relieve anxiety and depression. CBD does this by working with the brain receptors more specifically serotonin which can lift moods and soothe anxiety. 

Cbd products have also been extremely popular with cancer patients. There are lots of side effects to cancer treatments that CBD has been found to help with. These range from sickness to pain. 

All of these benefits have come from scientific research and proven to be a natural and safe alternative to some pharmaceutical drugs. 

Have you tried any CBD products?


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