3 Things To Improve Your Home For Future Selling

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So you just bought your first house and you either jumped on the property ladder for it to be your forever home or you eventually want to move somewhere bigger when the family grows and you want to make sure that your house is in the best possible shape not only for you to live in but als…

3 Fun Ways To Get More Active

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Lets put the 'New Year , New me' drama aside everyone seems to make this promise to their selves to get more active and look after themselves and one of the most important ways you can self care for you is to work your body that little more day by day just to keep it moving, happy…

She DOES Want To Be 'All By Herself'

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When a guy lives alone, he’s a bachelor. He’s cool and trendy, and he’s living the life all men want. Yet, when a woman chooses to live that way, she’s a spinster. It’s tragic. After all, what woman would actually want to live alone?

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In truth, quite a few. In fact, nearly as m…

Mother Of The Bride Outfit Must Haves

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We can't talk about weddings without talking about the mother of the bride and must haves for their outfit. Why is her outfit so important? She needs to be able to stand out not only so everyone knows who she is to congratulate and of course buy lots of drinks but also so the bride he…

Stay Safe On Long Journeys #Cars.com#AD

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My little brother is currently learning to drive and recently has someone go into the back of his car on a lesson, It really got me to thinking about car safety and the importance because although this was not his fault I suddenly got worried about all the other dangers c…

The Best Destinations For Solo Travelettes

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Traveling on your own might not seem so appealing when you first think about it. You might worry about getting bored or about some of the safety implications that come with solo travel. But, as long as you plan your trip well and use all of your common sense, there is usually nothing to wo…

PalmistryHD an App That Sees The Future?

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If you have ever been strolling along a British sea side town or even some city centres lately then a lady will usually try and coax you into having your palm read. You may be sceptical or even a little scared but there is no need to be palmistry has been part of many cultures around the …

What To Expect When Dating An Independent Woman

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As an independent woman some men or even ladies can find it pretty intimidating but it can actually be pretty awesome. There is nothing to be scared of when dating a woman who knows what she wants in life. Maybe you have just jumped on the online dating game by exploring sites like Bristo…

Wedding Favour Wishlist

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One of the things that always amazes me and makes me feel like a special part of a wedding is the efforts put in by the bride and groom to make you feel included and special. After all it is their day yet so many happy couples go that extra mile to personalise your spot at the table to le…

Shy Dating And How To Overcome it

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With all our talk of dating one boundary we haven't faced yet is what to do if you're painfully shy. So many people out there are just to shy to talk to people they like or even to other people and that can really put a stopper on dating sometimes. When you're shy the world ca…

Making The Most Of Rainy Days!

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I always remember rainy days at school being my favourite purely because we got to turn the classroom into a lovely creative playground. So when you have a day off work and a rainy day hits and you really don't fancy splashing in any puddles (because we shouldn't let rain get in t…

Employment Suitability Screening Using Social Media

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When you visit a coffee shop, fast food restaurant, or any popular hangout, you'll likely find people
taking selfies, browsing through social media applications, and anything and everything else related
to social media use. 

It seems like everyone has a social media account, if not mul…
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