Mother Of The Bride Outfit Must Haves

Hey Cats,

We can't talk about weddings without talking about the mother of the bride and must haves for their outfit. Why is her outfit so important? She needs to be able to stand out not only so everyone knows who she is to congratulate and of course buy lots of drinks but also so the bride herself can quickly spot mom through teary eyes in the crowd because knowing she is there makes it all so much easier.

I don't know about you but my mom is very fashion forward and loves wearing fashionable clothes and she looks bloody good in them too. Wedding outfits for mother of the bride can be so varied and just like in real fashion they need to feel like a million bucks on the big day too and most of all be super comfy.

Classic cuts are very classy and elegant so teaming this with a colour theme can really make mom stand out. Some Mothers of the bride like to dress to the colour theme of the wedding to be part of the congregation. Others like a more muted colour and in some traditions it isn't unusual for the Mother of the bride to wear a similar colour to the bride. Remember ultimately it is your wedding though and if you want a colour theme for guests make sure that you make your mom feel special and included. Personally I know my Mom loves blue and it really is her colour so I would let her wear what she likes.

A jacket or bolero can make a simply classic dress have a new dynamic and make an outfit much smarter if the wedding is a super formal style. This also helps Mom stay warm while she runs round helping with the forgotten bouquet or stopping the flower girl from crying. Lets face it she will want to be right by your side and she can keep tissues in her pocket to wipe away the tears.

In England the biggest tradition is how the mother of the bride accessories, it is all about the hat! There are two places women get to rock stunning hats and that's weddings and ascot. A good hat can scream glamour and really finish that outfit off with a statement. At a traditional English wedding most people will expect to see the mother of the bride wearing a hat. With an extravagant hat a simple outfit can look sleek and sophisticated.

Most of all wear something you're comfortable in weddings can be a long day and you want to be able to enjoy it.

What will your mother be wearing to your wedding?



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