Save Money When You're Most In Need

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Sometimes you don’t realise you need something until you are really in need and often we can’t think clearly in those situations and finding the right information can seem impossible. Recently I had a week of fork and so much planned to do with my time and then boom crippling toothache. S…

5 reasons Wood Flooring Is Great For Your Home.

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One of the biggest changes you can make to any home that makes a huge difference is changing up the flooring of a room or if you're feeling brave the whole house. We are currently working on changing around the living room and the flooring is the first thing I want to change. Currentl…

Thou Shalt Swipe Right: The Commandments Of Tinder Travel

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Travelling is a perfect way to see the world and meet new people. And, a big part of socialising and making new friends is dating or casual sex. Yep, it’s a taboo that lots of bloggers won’t address, but your libido won’t stop because you’re in a foreign country. The truth is it grows and …

Keeping on Top of Your Passions When Travelling

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If you are someone who loves to travel, then the excitement of seeing the world is something that draws you from your home every year or so to experience something a little bit different to what you are used to.
But at the same time, there might be things at home that you are no doubt going t…

The 2018 Hair Trends You Need To Try Now

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There’s no better way to give yourself a lift for spring than by rethinking your hair. Whether it’s a new way of styling it, a change in colour or even shaking up the haircare routine you have and the products you’re using, taking a fresh look at your tresses can help you t…

Is dating online still a taboo?

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In this crazy world full of technological advances the dating game has certainly changed and now it seems that dating online has become a norm. Years ago if you had said you were chatting to a guy online and were actually going to meet up then everyone would be screaming alarm bells at yo…
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