Save Money When You're Most In Need

Hey Cats,

Sometimes you don’t realise you need something until you are really in need and often we can’t think clearly in those situations and finding the right information can seem impossible. Recently I had a week of fork and so much planned to do with my time and then boom crippling toothache. Suddenly instead of a week of working on the blog or even binge watching twin peaks was out the window. I didn’t even want to get out of bed my head felt like it had turned into a gnarly horror character. Then the panic set in...I hadn’t registered with a dentist yet and with payday still weeks away how was I going to afford even the consultation let alone the treatment?

Panic googling is never a good idea because everything just seems impossible and when you’re in pain you just can’t think straight plus a toothache will suddenly turn into the end of the world. We have all been there that’s for sure and usually this is when a call to mom goes in but we have to adult and stand on our own feet sometimes and I got you covered.

Get registered is the obvious thing to tell you and the sooner you find the right doctors and dentist the better. Before you end up being in an emergency situation scout around and read reviews, ask your neighbours and take the time to register with the right one not just the easiest. I am so pleased with the service I get at my doctors here compared to when I lived in Birmingham because I spent more time asking people the best place to go that suited my family and their needs. If you dread going to your current surgery then don’t settle and try a new one that suits you better because you are going to need to use those services when you’re most vulnerable and in need so it’s imperative that you feel at ease and comfortable.

Know the right numbers to call when you're in need HMRC talk can get you in the right direction. They have a wealth of information on the website and have a catalogue of useful numbers and contacts that may help you out of a difficult situation and also help you save money by providing alternative numbers to the high rate numbers.

As a UK citizen one if the great things about our country is access to NHS help and even if you're working you can actually go to the dentist when in an emergency and ask for help. I was able to have a tooth taken out in a hurry and kept out of pain all for £56. Yes the things that you can have are limited but ultimately you will be kept out of pain and safe. So make sure you explore your options before paying out money you can't afford.

What are your tips?


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