Practical Ways To Overcome Stress & Start Living

Hey Cats, A little stress here and there is healthy, but too much of it can slowly cause your health and wellbeing to deteriorate. Be aware that you don’t have to let anxiety control you and that there are practical ways for overcoming stress so you can start living again. Your daily habits matter s…

5 Reasons To Go To Norfolk

Hey Cats,

We all need a break away and if you haven’t managed to get away yet this summer then the perfect
place for you to visit is right here in the UK. Norfolk is right on our lovely east coastline and is packed
full of things to do. I am going to give you five great reasons to visit Norfolk.


3 Fun Ways to Break the Pattern and Spend Your Friday Night

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So, the weekend looms large, but you’re just not in the mood for the usual routine. You’ve been clubbing so much, and you’ve spent so much of your time drinking in bars, that it’s all begun to blur together and it feels practically like work. Same hangouts, same ritual, some headache and to…

Dressing smart casual with chums

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The rules of fashion are constantly changing and everyone always gets a little confused when the dress code shouts out for smart casual. Smart casual is the best kind as you get to look swish but be comfy at the same time. We all hate work days when we have to wear a stiff uniform but a…

The Benefits of Spur of the Moment Travel

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When you want to see the world and travel to places that you’ve never been to before, what’s the best way to go about it? Well, more and more people are finding that they prefer to do it by travelling in a spur of the moment kind of way. This is when they travel at the last minute and don’…

Honey The Natural Beauty Product and Ways to Use it!

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I am working hard to use more ethical products and in doing so you find out that there are so many
hidden ingredients in products. There are also tons of amazing natural ingredients that you can just
cut out all the other ingredients and go straight to the raw source. Honey is the best exa…

You Feta Believe These Are Some Of The Best Greek Islands To Visit

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If you’re missing the heatwave, or you’re just craving a change of scene; it could be time to hop online and satiate your
wanderlust by booking some flights. Getting away from it all for a week or so, can do wonders for your your health and
well being, and travel is always something to lo…

Keep Your Camping Trip Cosy With These 5 Tips

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Camping season is upon us! whether you're winging you're way to a festival or taking a lovely family trip under the stars these are my top 5 tips to have a more comfortable trip. Leaky tents and uncomfortable bedding can ruin a camping trip. Here are some tips for keeping your cam…