How to Make a Living as a Musician in 2024

Some people might say that you are mad to even consider trying to make a living as a musician in 2024, but if it’s your passion, what’s a guy or girl to do? And anyway, although it might not always be easy, you can make a good living with your music, Here’s how:

1. Weddings are a Great Idea

es, it might not be the glamorous rockstar gig you dreamed of, but guess what? Weddings are where the money's at, especially if you’re with a decent music agency, and you’re a great musician who can turn your hand to a range of styles —being able to play everything from the latest TikTok sensation to those timeless classics that get grandma and grandpa slow dancing means that you can really make bank by being a big part of couples’ special days.

2. Diversify Like You’re Playing the Stock Market

Gone are the days of making it big with just one hit song. In 2024, you need to diversify if you want to make a decent living now and in the future. So, why not start a YouTube channel where you share behind-the-scenes looks at your music-making process, collaborate with other artists, or even give lessons as a starting point? Maybe even create unique content for platforms like Patreon, where fans can support you directly. Think of it as your musical portfolio—diversification is key to long-term growth.

3. Virtual Concerts Can Be Lucrative

With the advent of high-quality streaming services and VR, virtual concerts have become a mainstay. Why limit yourself to local gigs when you can perform in someone’s living room halfway across the world? Invest in good quality recording equipment and a solid internet connection. Virtual concerts can range from intimate acoustic sessions to full-blown productions with special effects that would make Spielberg jealous.

4. Merchandising: Not Just T-Shirts Anymore

Sure, band T-shirts and hoodies are cool, but in 2024, merchandising has taken on a new level. Think personalized vinyl records, augmented reality posters, or even 3D-printed figurines of your band. Get creative! Merchandise isn’t just about making a few extra bucks; it’s about creating tangible connections with your fans.

5. Teach What You Know

Teaching music isn’t just a noble endeavor; it’s a lucrative one. With technology, you're no longer limited to local students. Offer online lessons, create downloadable courses, or even start your own subscription-based teaching platform. Share your passion and knowledge with the world, and get paid to do it.

6. Music Licensing: Your Ticket to Passive Income

Creating music for films, TV shows, commercials, and video games is a fantastic way to earn passive income. In 2024, the demand for unique, original music in the entertainment industry is higher than ever. Dive into the world of music licensing and watch as your creations come to life on screen, all while padding your bank account.

Making a living as a musician might not be easy and it might be even harder in 2024 than it has been in the past, but it is far from impossible and if you really want it, you can make it happen!


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