Could You Make Your Own Music? Tips For Getting Started

 Making music is one of the most creative expressions ever invented. You can put your heart and soul into a track, from writing the lyrics to singing vocals to mixing during final production. And seeing as there’s no real right or wrong way to create music, there are many different ways to input your emotion and energy! And if you’ve always had a desire to create a track or two of your own, we’re here to tell you now’s the perfect time to give it a try. Check out our tips for getting started down below. 

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Don’t Strive for Perfection

Making a perfect song straight off the bat is never going to happen, so don’t let yourself fall into this trap. You just want to make music that feels right to you, and has some meaning, no matter how good the mixing or production is. 

And the more you make music, the more you get used to the tools involved - practice very much does make perfect! That sense of perfection you’re looking for comes with time, and you can always remake a song in a few months or years when you’ve got some experience. 

Get a Few Lessons

If you’re not confident about your ability to play an instrument, and you feel your voice could do with a lot of work, invest in a few lessons with musical experts. From hiring a bass player to show you how to hold a guitar properly, to going on a vocal course to learn how to sing best for your voice, there’s someone out there you can work with. You just need to find someone you mesh well with, and feel confident performing and practising in front of. Take your time! If you have trouble finding a tutor you can use Tutor hut.

Practice Writing Songs

Writing music takes a bit of craft. You’ve got the lyrics to master, as well as the chord progression and the melody too. You’ve then got to patch all of these elements together, alongside the beat and the backing, and that takes a lot of getting used to! So practice as much as you can with writing each of these flows. The lyrics may come to you easily out of all of the above, and while they’re fun to write, they shouldn’t be the only thing you focus on. 

Set Up Your Station

Now it’s time to invest in a bit of technology to help you make your music. Chances are you’ve already got a laptop or computer to use, but you’ll want to download some production software to it. You’ll also want to buy yourself a good microphone, and most likely some sound proofing/acoustic foam to place around your desk. 

The better the sound bounces, the more smooth your overall production will be. Your shopping list might end up pricey, but you can buy these items over time as you get more confident in your hobby. 

Making your own music is a worthy pursuit for anyone, so don’t be afraid to get started! 


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