Amazing & Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Day

 If you are in the process of planning an amazing wedding day then certain aspects could make your day unique and special to you. This will ensure your guests remember your wedding for all the right reasons. Take a look below if you are struggling with ideas on how to make your wedding spectacular. 

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Matching Dresses

The first idea comes geared more towards your bridesmaids than yourself and your partner. You will have your own gorgeous dress. When it comes to your bridesmaids you might already know what you want to do. There have been many different variations of bridesmaid's dresses, this usually includes some form of dress that is all the same color. You could also be bold and ask your bridesmaids to wear all the same dress. If you are having a flower girl then how about you use her for your something blue? You can find a unique flower girl dress by looking online. 

Flower Wall

Something to make your guests go ‘wow’ on your wedding day as well as yourself could be a flower wall. This is an amazing idea but very time-consuming. Believe it or not, you can do these yourself but be prepared for a lot of work. You can also hire florists to create one for you at a cost. Speak to the florist who is doing your wedding flowers and see if they have any experience with flower walls. 

Ice Sculpture 

If you want an amazing, cool wedding then how about having an ice sculpture on one of the tables. Your wedding guests will be in complete awe of your sculpture, better yet you could have a sculpture made of you and your partners. These are seen as fairly extravagant so if you want your wedding to be remembered then this is the way to do it. 

Champagne Tower

Another amazing idea to have at your wedding is a champagne tower. This could be on the table as guests walk into the reception. They can help themselves or have a server there handing them out. Imagine someone takes from the wrong level and the whole thing comes tumbling down, let’s not be having that at your wedding. Make sure that you have good quality champagne as this makes all the difference. 

Throwing Bouquet

When it comes to your bouquet it is tradition to throw this at the end of the night. Legend says that whoever catches it is the next person to get married. If you don’t want to throw your bouquet and you want to keep it forever then you may find it better to use fake flowers. These last forever and you won’t have to throw them away. You could also have a second bouquet if you wanted to throw one. 

Song Choices

Finally, when you send out your wedding invites you could ask your guests to send you their favorite song. You can then take this list and compile a wedding playlist, or send them to your DJ so they can do it. This is a lovely idea as then everyone gets to hear at least one song they enjoy. 


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