The Top Cities To Visit In The U.S. Right Now

The top cities to visit in the U.S. right now


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While visiting neighboring countries, such as Mexico and Canada, is appealing, America is probably the most popular destination of the lot. From coast to coast, the U.S. is a truly wonderful country to sample for a few weeks or months. It’s absolutely massive, though, which can certainly make it tricky when it comes to devising your itinerary. 

There certainly isn’t a shortage of options for the average traveler when visiting America. From its stunningly beautiful Floridian beaches to its amazing Los Angeles-based restaurants and New Orleans architecture, it’s a part of the world that can cater to any holiday adventure. Whether you’re after a rural stay or a glamorous time in a major city, America has you covered. In order to help you put together your American vacation plan, below is a look at some of the top cities you simply have to visit. 

San Diego 

Particularly popular due to its excellent all-around weather, San Diego is well worth visiting. The city has everything, from stunningly beautiful beaches to tasty Mexican cuisine, and it’s a welcoming environment for any holidaymaker. Given its multicultural aspect, the city is blessed with an array of entertaining festivals also, with art-themed parties and culinary delights on offer on a regular basis. Throw in San Diego’s zoo and its friendly people, and it’s an American city that shouldn’t be ignored.



Regarded by many as being the crowning jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is a hugely underrated city. While major places, such as Los Angeles and New York, tend to be in high demand, try Seattle for something a tad more original. The city is famous for its emerald parks and its Space Needle, while also offering holidaymakers with some excellent museums to check out, alongside an array of music venues for some music-themed entertainment. The Seattle Art Museum and the Museum of Pop Culture are well worth experiencing, too. 

Las Vegas

While Las Vegas isn’t the most original inclusion to make the list, its uniqueness makes it a destination that has to be sampled. While watching a James Bond movie or playing the Vegas Nights casino game might give you a glimpse into Vegas life, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. From the glitz and glamour to the slot machines and the fascinating Mob Museum, Vegas has it all. The accommodation and dining experiences on offer are out of this world, too. While Vegas doesn’t appeal to everyone, it might be a destination that you at least want to try once. Make no mistake about it, there’s nowhere else like Las Vegas on the planet. 

New York City


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Most people are aware of what exactly New York is all about, which is why millions of people travel to the major American city every year. A melting pot of cultures and a city with amazing shopping on offer, there is no city in the world like New York. The Big Apple is also hugely popular for its Broadway offering, alongside its basketball and baseball matches fans flock to see, plus its iconic destinations, such as Central Park. 

New Orleans

The home of live music in America, New Orleans is a major metropolis that is bursting full of life. A place to party and dance the night away, New Orleans boasts an energy that many other major cities simply struggle to offer. From its array of jazz venues and music bars to its mix of art and gorgeous architecture, this energetic city has to be considered. 

Other options include Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Washington DC, Miami, and Orlando. 


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