A 30 somethings ideal wedding

Hey Cats,

So they say that girls have weddings planned out from a super young age but if you asked 5 year old me boys were gross I was going to be Jem and never get married. Fast forward thirty years and here I am engaged and thinking about where I would like to get married. I think when I was a teenager I wanted a wedding with like a million people and lots of free booze and man that would be cool but as you get older friends dwindle off and free booze is far from a cheap game plan. I want to explore with you how my ideal wedding has changed. If a super grand mansion wedding is what you want then click here to see the ultimate beautiful venue.

I have been to some weddings over the last few years...some huge...some small...some vintage and some traditional. One thing I found I loved most at all of them was all the love in the room and not just from the bride and groom but everyone there celebrating their love. As a kid I was a bridesmaid 5 times and thought weddings were a bore I just figured adults got drunk and danced stupid....erm yeah that happens but nobody tells you about that warm fuzzy feeling and the tears when you see your friends fall in love! I always thought you had to invite all those second cousins and long lost aunts to your special day. I get that some people do and they love it but for me I would rather surround myself with people I love and want to share my special moment with. I adore small intimate weddings they just feel so much more special but a wedding can be beautiful with anything from 2 to 2000 people as long as you relax and enjoy it.

Church weddings are really pretty but are quickly becoming a thing of the past but they will always have their place. The rise of quirky venues and individual creative place is pretty awesome to me a wedding day is about celebrating the things you share so if you love castles then rock a castle wedding or if you love a bar get married there! I love tacky places and would love to get married in Vegas or maybe at home at a cinema but guaranteed it will be tacky and fun with lots of dancing and cocktails? yes please!

Wedding dresses are stunning and I can understand how people want to feel like princesses on their big day and just have all eyes on them. I used to want a huge dress probably not white as my inner goth just wouldn't allow it but the thought of spending a ton of money on a dress I will wear for one day just blows my mind. I love seeing ladies in creative outfits for their big day and even the guys are rocking cool outfits now too. I say if you love cosplay get married in your fav outfit or if you hate white and want a big pink dress then go for it! Simple, pretty and quirky is what appeals to me most with lots of fun accessories.

What was your wedding day like?



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