Removing That Stale Look From Your Home

 If you’re feeling like your home has been running a bit stale lately, and there’s been a bit of a musty smell to boot, it’s time to give your rooms a refresh. And there’s no need to put too much effort or budget into these refreshes - a little change can really make the big difference you’re looking for. So, without further ado, here are some of the best decor changes you can make to make your home feel more like the place you want it to be.

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Add Some Accents to the Kitchen

Your kitchen sees a lot of use throughout the day. And because of that, the colour can wear off, and the wallpaper can start to rip, and the room can start to look very dull after a while. But if you add a few more accents into the mix, you can actually make your kitchen look brand new! 

New and colourful lampshades to hang over the kitchen island are always a good shout, and so are more background amenities, such as glassware and ceramic containers. Use them to keep your sugar and spices in and you’ll have a lot more function to your kitchen as well. 

Swap Out the Tiles in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom hasn’t seen an upgrade since you first moved in, has it? Don’t worry, we tend to use the bathroom more than we think about the way it looks, but now the time has come for the cracks to really show. And you’re noticing them more and more, and that stale look is really shining through. 

But not for much longer! There’s a quick fix to this particular problem: switch your tiles out. You can replace them with new versions that are whiter and/or shinier, but you can also look into materials like white sparkle shower panels to take their place. These might even be easier to clean, for your future convenience! 

Breathe Life into Old Furniture

You can plump up those pillows, and run the carpet cleaner over those rugs, but if you really want to breathe life into old furniture, you’re going to have to scrub down and reupholster. That dining table and chairs your mum gave you? Rip the old cushions and/or leather upholstery off and find something more soft, colourful, and interesting to replace it with. 

And reupholstering a chair or two doesn’t have to be hard; check out this beginner’s guide for a quick crash course, and then simply give yourself a bit of time to get the finish really right. You can think about doing the same to the sofa, if you’re up for the challenge - it’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than having to buy a new one! 

If your home has been feeling stale lately, you don’t have to worry for much longer. There’s a lot you can do to make the house feel fresh and revitalised, because you don’t ever have to feel stuck in your own home! 


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