4 Ways You Can Make A House Feel Like Home

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Moving into a new property can be a stressful experience. Everything from furnishing to decoration, from setting up bills to allocating rooms and finding schools for your kids (if you have any) needs to be considered, so it pays to approach a move with a clear and focused mind. You should know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it while you move; once it’s all done, you can relax and enjoy a hot drink while you congratulate yourself for your achievement.


After the initial move, though, there’s still the question of how to make your house feel like home. In order to truly take ownership of your property and start building a life there, you’ll need to decorate, furnish and generally give the place your signature aesthetic. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you make a house feel more like home. These tips work for a new place or an old one, so don’t feel like you can’t follow them just because you aren’t moving!

Custom art

There’s nothing that spruces up a room quite like art on the walls. Art can say a lot about a person; what kind of art you like and where you place it in the room speaks volumes about your personality and preferences. With that in mind, why would you settle for something generic or obvious? You’ll benefit greatly from shopping off the beaten path, looking in thrift shops and less obvious places for artwork that screams “idiosyncratic”. Even better, why not install some custom art? Find yourself a great photography studio and schedule in a photoshoot for you, your family and perhaps even your pets! Having pictures of your nearest and dearest on your walls won’t just make the house feel more homely, it’ll provide a great talking point for guests and visitors and give you a warm feeling every time you enter the room.

Unique furniture

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with furniture from flatpackville, it’s not particularly inspired on the aesthetic front. Most build-it-yourself furniture is designed to be functional, not beautiful, and although the minimalist visual style has an appeal of its own, it’s never going to beat the kind of elaborate creations which custom DIY furniture studios are capable of. Again, if you’ve got the money, find yourself a great DIY furniture place which will assemble bespoke furniture for you and schedule in a consultation. Most of these places will work closely with you to discern exactly what you want in a room, and will create a custom arrangement that’s purpose-built for you and you alone. Why fill your house with the same stuff everyone else has when you could make a bold, individual statement?


So you’ve got some nice art of your family on the walls, and you’ve built a custom shelving arrangement that works for you. What next? Well, now it’s time to fill the shelves. Again, what you fill your shelves with will speak volumes about who you are, so this is your chance to express yourself through decoration and adornment. Are you a sculptor? Why not line up a selection of your best pieces on your shelves? If you’re a musician, you could decorate your shelves with miniature instruments and models of musical objects, or you could find a quirky way to express your musicality through unusual artifacts and antiques. Perhaps you love gardening – if so, why not install plants around the house? Plants are a great way to make a house feel homely, and they’ll also improve the air quality of your house, which will make everyone inside feel better.

Get a pet

This only works for the animal lovers, but if you do love our furry friends you’d be amazed by the degree to which they can enrich your life. We’d strongly recommend you adopt rather than shopping, as there are plenty of adorable animals who need a forever home. Adding a smaller and furrier member to the family is a great way to create an everlasting bond – if you’ve got kids, they will absolutely love the little scamps, and they’ll learn a valuable lesson about friendship. Having a cat or a dog scarper about the place lends character and charm to a house, and it’s a great way to entertain guests too! Make sure you’ve got the resources and patience to look after a pet if you’re going to adopt, though, because – as the old saying goes – a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

These are just four ways you can spruce up your house and make it feel more like a home. There are plenty of other methods through which you can do this, but these are (relatively) easy, no-fuss ways to help you settle into your new place or add character to an old house.

How do you get cosy when you move somewhere new?


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