One Hundred Shades Of White Book Review

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As I mentioned in my last post today the Books for the brave readathon kicked off and I was super excited to get stuck in. We were greeted with a video from the lovely Victoria and we got to find out her to be read choices for the readathon. If you’re a book worm like me you will be so excited to want to know what books everyone is picking, why and to discover your next read. My goodreads TBR is huge and every growing!

For my read of a book that has N,H or S in the title or author and I managed to find a book that’s been sitting on my shelf that has all three! This is the one I decided to kick off with and that’s “One hundred shades of white” by Preethi Nair. I knew very little about this book when I first came upon and it and managing a charity shop I’m always buying books. When I was scanning my book shelves to find the perfect book for the prompt I really sat down and read the blurb and know it just sounded perfect.

I literally just finished the book and sit here with a real warmth in my heart having spent the day literally just reading and I have no regrets. This is a beautiful story of a young family based mainly around the women and the sheer magic of love shared between them. For the day reading this book I felt enveloped in this love myself and like any true great book as if I was adventuring on the journey along with these women.

I am a huge fan of shared voices within a book and this one shares stories between Maya the daughter of the family and Nalini the mother. You get to hear the story from different views of how they experience the world. Living in a small colourful village in India in a beautiful house the small family of a sister and brother, parents and maternal grandmother. The love between Nalini and her mother is enchanting their joy of cooking and healing through food makes you think of the heart and soul that goes into preparing Indian food and made you long to taste their dishes to heal your soul.

Early in the book Nalini’s husband Raul works away in England and then calls for his family to come an live their life in England. Leaving their grandmother behind is the first of many heartaches we will feel along the way. It’s not a spoiler when I tell you England is a new and foreign land for this family in the late 70s and early 80s with a new language and culture to learn and pull of the children to want to jump into western culture but not forget who they are.

The book is packed full of culture and shares stories of belief and love and I just adored it. I have a little tear at the end and would happily read again. Told beautifully with food and love throughout and leaving you wanting to embrace culture even more than you already do.

Have you read One Hundred Shades Of White?


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