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Reading Round Up First Ten Books Of The Year!!

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I love snuggling up and getting lost in a good book and I really didn't get to read as much as I would have liked last year. I love using Goodreads to help me track what I am reading and see what all my friends are reading too. It is actually a great way to discover books and connect with people who love reading the same books as you. This year I have challenged myself to read 100 books. This may sound like a crazy amount but including graphic novels and poetry and any other quick reads it is reachable. Every ten books I will be sharing a round up with you and voting over on Instagram which books get a full review.

With all the hype on prime around 'The Boys' I thought I would check out the first issue as it was also available to read on prime reading. It is a great way to try a first issue of some comics before committing to buying the whole graphic novel. In this case I wasn't that impressed to be honest I found it a bit meh and crass. I love crass but just felt like this was weighed in hyper masculine and at the end I didn't find myself dying to read the next issue. I did however like the idea and loved the Simon Pegg inspired character. It did make me laugh in a few places so let me know if it is worth reading on!

I have followed Bethany Rutter as a blogger for many years and always admired her style. When I heard she was publishing a new book I just had to check it out. No Big Deal is a fictional tale about a teenage girl who is plus size and loves herself as she is! That may sound simple but it’s revolutionary to read a fun romantic tale where the fat girl who doesn’t hate herself! Really this story is aimed at teenagers but is a lighthearted and heart warming read. I loved the characters and felt my teenage self glowing with connections. A must read for young adult fiction lovers and a great staple to have teenage girls everywhere reading.

The walking dead has grown in popularity over the years and I remember reading the graphic novels back in the day. I got a little bored of the TV series and thought I would retry the story in comic form to see how far it ventured. I really enjoyed the first volume which the series followed pretty true to. I find it easier to get attached to the characters in the graphic novel somehow but that’s just a personal preference. I guess on page you give yourself more time to get to know someone when on screen they could be there for literally minutes and then gone. If you enjoyed the series then definitely give this a read. This volume is named The Walking Dead : Days Gone Bye , I enjoyed the graphics and will be making an effort to read some more so make sure you hold me to that.

Knickers Models Own: A Year Of Frugal Fashion is a charity shop addicts dream come true. I actually found this book through work and just loved the idea. Caroline decided to raise money for Cancer Research by dressing for a year in only Cancer Research clothing. Well that is aside from knickers hence the title of the book. This is a great coffee table book packed with pictures of all the outfits as well as interviews and a diary like an explanation of the journey. Sustainable and frugal fashion is something I am really interested in and trying to actively choose more. Caroline has a real flair for fashion and a particular love of accessories that stands out. I got so many fabulous ideas from this book and it’s so awe inspiring how much awareness and funds for charity Caroline was able to raise.

No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July is a collection of short stories.  Every now and again I love to pick up this type of book because you can pick it up and put it down without getting lost. This one has some really fun and quirky tales. My favourite being based around a royalist. A person who is just fascinated by William and his visit to her town. I found these stories amusing and fun. I feel like the stories are all linked to wanting to reach out and connect with others and break free from a loneliness. Yet somehow they didn't seem sad or difficult to read  

Fables (legends of exile) from Vertigo comics. Another graphic novel this one is based around fairy tales with a twist. Fables are the fairy tales banished to the human world and the big bad wolf is a detective. There has been a murder of one of the fables and he thinks the killer could be another fable. You get to meet lots of well known protagonist from tales like Snow White and Tweedledumb but you will barely recognise them. I had actually played the choose your adventure game before I read the comic which is called “The wolf among us”. I found this an interesting take on fairy tales and I am hooked to find out more. I read this again on prime reading the first volume was packed with twists and turns and I am slowly coming around to reading comics online.

Jessica Jones Alias Volume one from the world of Marvel graphic novels. At the end of last year I really enjoyed reading lots of female fronted comics. My friend borrowed me Jessica Jones to see if I liked it. I love the premise of an ex super hero turned detective and all the extra abilities helping her solve crime. However I found it a bit of a slow burner and it took me a while to get into. I love the gritty side to the superhero world instead of the polished one we always see in the movies. I think after a few more I could get engrossed into Jessica's world so I am happy to read more of her adventures.

Into the water - Paula Hawkins . I listened to this one as an audio book via the library which I thought was rad. It was a nice change from podcasts and meant I could squeeze in another book when my eyes were too tired or I couldn't sit down to read. As each chapter flipped between characters it had varied narrators which kept it really interesting and easy to listen to. I sometimes find with audio books that if it is the same person I sort of zone out. The story was interesting enough to make me want to find out what happened and peak my interest but I think it all fell a bit flat towards the end. This isn't really my preferred genre to be honest and I just found all the characters really unlikable and disconnected. I guess that is the point tho really isn't it as they are all hiding something but even when all is revealed I wasn't mind blown even thought Sunday Times readers were.

The little giant of Aberdeen county By Tiffany Baker. Again at first I found this book a little hard to get into. I picked it up in a charity shop because I loved the blurb and then slowly I just got a little addicted. I want to give this one a full review at a later date so just know that I really enjoyed it for now.

I make my love of creature creation no secret! I have always adored Jim Henderson productions and the work of Brian Froud. After recently catching up with the new series of Dark Crystal I remembered I grabbed this gem of a book in a charity shop. (Seems to be a common theme with my book buying) I vowed this year to read all those books that have been sitting waiting to be read. This book was so much more than a behind the scenes of the creations it was a whole insight into the amazing world of the dark crystal. Not only are there tons of original concept designs and cool trivia (like the baby from the Labyrinth is Brian’s son and he met his wife on the set of the dark crystal who also created Yoda!) but also a step into the heart and soul of the world and beliefs. I adored admiring all the stunning work and travelling into a fantasy world I never wanted to leave. I truly suggest reading this if you love the fandom of the dark crystal and the labyrinth.

Have you read any of these books? What are you reading?

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