How To Make Long Distance Love Work!

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Love isn’t easy and lets be honest real love is messy and takes work. It’s so worth it when you meet your soulmate. Some people are really lucky and find the one for them right on their doorstep but it doesn’t always work out that way. You may find that perfect one for you over the sea or on the other side of the country. Don’t let this scare you away and completely rule out this kind of relationship. Service men and women have to learn to live this life with their partners and for me I found long distance love only intensified and strengthened our relationship. 

I met my partner almost 6 years ago now on a dating site. I lived in the city and he in the countryside. There are so many options available when it comes to picking the right dating site for you. If long distance love or dating sites with a wide demographic aren’t for you then you could try sites like Date Cambridgeshire Singles , or The Cambridgeshire dating site. Sometimes a specialist site that is related more to age can be really good too like Mature Cambridgeshire dating.

For us the key thing when we were long distance was having strong communication. We always made time every day to talk no matter how busy our days had been. It’s really important to keep some line of contact. Just texting or emailing  can open you up to miscommunication. We either talked on the phone or video called in the evening after we had settled down from the day. Don’t get me wrong this makes you want to reach out to them so bad but it’s a comfort to be able to see them and get to know them more. Plus you can share things with each other, watch films together and virtually hangout. 

As your relationship blossoms you need to let the trust grow too! Trust is an important element in any successful relationship but your mind may play tricks on you when long distance. Time’s will get hard when you will question if you’re doing the right thing but with trust you will know you are! Encourage each other to have nights out with friends, be understanding if you can’t see each other as often as you would love and cherish the time that you can. Believe in each other and in your relationship. 

Long distance relationships also require a lot of compromise. Make the effort to take turns on travelling. It’s not fair to expect one person to always come to one place and you don’t get a full understanding of the one you’re growing to love if you never meet them in their hometown. Take trips together too meet half way and go exploring together. This all prepares you for when the relationship wants to move to the next step. This is when the biggest compromise will come up as when it comes to moving in with each other you need to decide who takes the biggest step or do you start somewhere new? Also don’t be afraid of change should it happen. My boo moved from the county to the city and it was a huge culture shock in some ways so after some time we decided to move back to the county where I settled in and slowed down into the quiet life. When you’re together if your relationship is strong it won’t matter but go where you are both comfortable. 

Have you loved someone who lived far away? How did you work your relationship? 

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