River Island Plus size Wish List

Hey Cats

It's been a minute since I have done a wishlist and let me tell you it isn't because
there haven't been beautiful clothes about I have just been so broke it isn't even
funny but everyone window shops right. Recently I was browsing River island I
love looking at all the different styles they have on offer I find them to have a very
chic touch that other high street retailers just don't.

When River Island Plus first launched I was so excited and I am glad it's still going
strong. Do they need more lines and to mirror their sizing from the straight sizes into
the plus? Sure as hell they do but they still have some outstanding prices available.

We are in the age if the boss grrrl and the two suits above slayed it for me if I worked
in an office I would wear the hell out of both of them. The striped beauty gives me
beetlejuice vibes fat babes totally should wear stripes. I feel mustard so hard I rock
a mustard coat daily so this stunning yellow pant suit just screamed out to me!
Wearing a beautifully coordinated piece can give you some major confidence
I'm thinking board meeting or business lunch. I would rock them with the feel good
Top as a pop of white would really allow those colours to do the work. The black dress
just has such a stunning shape and gives me morticia Addams on a summer day vibes.

No good outfit is complete without shoes and I'm not saying these shoes particularly
want to be worn with the suits but these chunky pink shoes would look major cute

with ripped skinny jeans the feel good too and one of these biker jackets. I live for
biker jackets and these two need to get into my collection right now. I love the shape
of these killer heels sheer class.


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