5 reasons to encouge your single mom to date online

Hey cats,

We all have a special parent, uncle or even grandparent in our family who puts everyone first
in their life and devotes their time to anyone else. They gave up on the dating game a long
time ago not because they don't like dating but just because they think there's nobody out
there for them. Don't get me wrong we all have that lone wolf who just likes to be alone and
this one isn't for them some people genuinely love their own company so respect their choices
but if you have that older loved one who wants to get back in the dating game but just doesn't
think it's going to be successful or meet anyone then an online dating site could be for them!

1. You can help them

Sometimes writing your own dating profile can be hard because you can't see all your best
assets. You can help them set up a profile and show them the ropes. It can be a lot of fun
helping someone and dating online is so much more accessible being able to use your phone
as an option as well as computers has really made the online world easier to step into for
newbies. Why not have a fun photo shoot with your loved one so they have a fabulous recent
photo to share with potential future dates and the chance to feel amazing about themselves.

2. Localised dating

A lot of dating sites are now more localised so you may even find out that the milkman aunt
Enid has been chatting to all this time is actually single too finding people you already know
are online looking for the same thing may make your family look at them in a new light. Also
finding more people who are in the same area can only ever be a good thing so even if a date doesn't work romantically they make a new friend that they can hang out with for future meals
out or dance nights.

3. Helps improve their dating game

If the response you get when you try to encourage them to get online is skeptical tell them to
look at it as practice for real dates. Chatting to new people online can really help grow
confidence not only from the new attention but polishing up those flirting skills means that they can put them to use with people face to face and confidence is the most alluring weapon any
dater can have.

4. Spending time with people outside family or work is important!

Whether it's your work friend or your grandad it's important for them to get social time outside
of their usual spaces. Just seeing family or work can mean they almost lose themselves a
little we should always strive to meet new people, learn new things and challenges ourselves
so we are constantly growing as people and hanging out with a diverse range of people is
fantastic for this. Dating online gives people a chance to talk to a whole range of people they
may not meet anywhere else just because your paths haven't crossed yet doesn't mean they shouldn't now. Meeting a new person may help them come to life all over again and everyone deserves happiness.

5. Get to do fun things!

Everyone needs an active social life to an extent to keep the spice of life going. By making
new friends or love interests online they can experience lots of new things or introduce their
new friend to the things they love to do from going dancing to even taking an adventure holiday
they always wanted to try. Just because someone is entering older dating doesn't mean it
needs to be all knitting circles and book clubs they could take up a new hobby like dance
classes with a new date or dine out with a new gent. Everyone loves being wooed and
awakening those butterflies within keeps everyone young at heart.

Ultimately all we want for the ones we love is happiness and encouraging them to try a
new experience like dating online could really get them the love you know they deserve
or even make new companions to make memories with! Try a site like older-dating.com
and see how they get on.

I helped an older lady at work to get online and try the dating scene and she hasn't looked
back yet. She has been on lots of fun dates which gave her a chance to dress up go do
something fun and meet new people. She hasn't met the one yet but is having so much fun
and making lots of new friends in the process. In fact her social life is better than mine! I
love hearing what she has been up to and more than anything she is full of excitement and

Have you encouraged an older person in your life to try new things? How did it go?



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