Is dating online still a taboo?

Hey Cats,

In this crazy world full of technological advances the dating game has certainly changed and now it seems that dating online has become a norm. Years ago if you had said you were chatting to a guy online and were actually going to meet up then everyone would be screaming alarm bells at you and telling you ‘normal’ ways to meet someone without the Internet. Now the Internet has hugely opened up the dating field. As long as we stay safe online dating can become successful. Yet some people especially those who are senior dating are still holding onto that taboo that online dating is a strange thing to do.

The older you get the more your inner circle gets smaller and smaller and meeting people especially if you don’t live in a city can become more difficult. I was chatting to a lovely volunteer at work the other day and she is above 50 and said meeting people has got older since she got divorced because her circle of friends are all married and she doesn’t really meet new guys and when I suggested online dating she looked horrified. No longer is the Internet just full of weirdos and people looking to con you in some way, sure those people are still around but the sincere are real people are out there waiting to meet you too.

There are so many places now to chose from and when you jump online you can chat to come one around the corner or across the world instantly. Localised dating sites like dating in Cornwall, No strings dating, Northampton dating,or Single men in Bournemouth  are an amazing source for finding new friends and potential matches in your area. Sometimes even just browsing you may see some familiar faces you never would have thought were available the cute postman who comes into work or the lady who goes to the same coffee shop as you and breaking that ice online can make it easier to say hi next time you see them out and about.

online dating is especially good if you don't have a lot of time to waste going on lots of first dates instead now you can have unlimited access right in your pocket to get to know someone on the go. Take your time and chat about varied things try and really get to know them before you arrange to meet up. Not only does that make it safer for you but it can also save you some time or even match you with someone you never would have met in your every day life. Maybe your perfect match has been on the commute an hour earlier or goes to the same pub as you just on a different day so you have just been missing each other all this time.

So step away from the old idea that joining a dating site is hard work and full of crazy people. Step into the future and find love in an easy way from the comfort of your sofa. Don't worry if you're not amazing with computers and dating profiles have got easier to set up. You can even get them on your phone!

What do you think of finding love online?



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