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What Is Romance?

Hey Cats,

The lovely people over at We Love Dates asked me what I think of Romance. You can find lots of lovely local dating sites through them such as Isle of man dating, Linconshire dating, and Berkshire dating.

Romance is such a funny thing, we see it in films and books depicted as being these huge gestures like filling a house with flowers or announcing love in the sky but who really needs thousands of pounds worth of flowers? So it got me thinking about what real romance is like and the things that really make my heart feel like it is going to burst out my chest. Sure I love getting flowers especially when it’s just for no reason but huge bouquets of flowers are surely the easy way and only really personal when they are unexpected and of course your favourite kind. I love wild flowers so I am a real cheap date whilst roses are beautiful I find wild flowers to represent adventures and real beauty everywhere.

Love letters always get me swooning from the get go of our relationship me and the Mr have always passed little notes back and forward from anything as simple as I love you in a lunch box to coming home to a wax sealed poem. If you need inspiration Buzzfeed covered some famous love letters.  I got home the other day to find a poem and I had had the worst day at work, got soaked in the snow but to come in and read it made me so happy I think I even did a little happy cry.

These moments are special and if your like me you end up keeping it in your purse until it falls apart but is always a great pick me up when you need it. A lot of people find this idea strange as why would you leave a note to tell someone you love them when you tell them every day? It is just the little surprise for me and knowing he took the time to really sit down and write something and proves that your other half is always thinking of you even when you think they aren't.

Romance is knowing your partner has been at work all day and when they get home you treat them to dinner and run them a huge candlelit bubble bath so they can relax from the stress of the day. It is such a simple thing but so thoughtful and sweet and you really feel pampered as long as they let you throw in your favourite bath bomb or even better if they got it for you then that is extra points. I am all about bubble baths.

I am a big believer in romance being in the little things. Small little acts of kindness and love will let your partner know they are appreciated. Don't forget you can check out some of We love dates sites like Nottinghamshire singles and Oxfordshire singles.

What is your idea of Romance?



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