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How You Will Know That He Likes You

Hey Cats,

So you have been romancing that guy over on that dating site like Shropshire singles, Staffordshire singles or Strathclyde singles and you have been on a few dates but are not sure what signs to look out for to show he likes you. Chances are if you made it to a second date he already likes you but I have a few other tips to look out for.

Body language is a big key indicator if he wants to touch you in some way like hold your hand or touch your hair then he so likes you. if he looks into your eyes and listens when your talking giving you his time then there is definitely interest oozing from him. Lots of smiles and leaning into you will show he is keen and you should return the positive open body language back to let him know you're interested too. If you touch his hand and he shys away and his body language instantly changes then don't panic you haven't made a fool of yourself and it doesn't mean he hates you maybe he is shy but back off a little and see what his body language says. He may even start to act nervous around you and that is okay, in fact I think it is really cute.

He pays attention to you may seem like an obvious one but I mean really pays attention. Like notices you have changed your hair or tells you that you look lovely even on the days where you haven't really and much of an effort. When you're talking to him about things you love he will actually listen and remember and extra bonus points if he questions about it on another occasion or even gets you a gift related to your conversation. Plus hello he will laugh at any awful jokes you tell because he is giddy in like for you. Even better if he is listening to things that aren't really things that you have ever known him to be into.

He will tell you, yes sometimes he may take his time but he will get there and he will open up and just straight up ask. In fact some boys are very up front and will let you know from the get go that they are into you. I much prefer this as it saves so much time of guessing and you still get those lovely butterflies in your tummy but you get to progress a lot quicker to the next step of your relationship. Sometimes it will take that bit longer though and it doesn't mean he likes you any less maybe he just thinks that you may not like him and is trying to suss the situation out so he doesn't get rejected.

Ultimately though if it turns out he doesn't dig you as much as him there are lots more lovely guys on sites like Suffolk singles or Surrey singles that will jump at the chance to get to know you!

How did you know he liked you?



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