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More Date Day Trips in The Uk

Hey Cats,

I am so pleased to hear that you have been loving the dating content and some have you have requested I bring back some more places to visit around the UK. I love hunting out places to visit so let’s travel around together again today.


For all those Aberdeen singles who want to explore Aberdeen dating or even if you’re a few dates in and fancy a trip away Scotland has some great places. You can find Aberdeen on the north east coast of Scotland and it is actually the third most populated city in Scotland. A shopping trip around This city has that extra bit of magic as the buildings are famously made from a sparkly granite which makes them shimmer. The crazy thing with shopping and dining here is you can walk just out of the city centre and find yourself on a sandy beach. Maybe this is one to save for the summer time so you can really enjoy the beach. You can even explore churches and a castle.


I always find Yorkshire so welcoming and friendly so I can only imagine Leeds dating can be a warm experience. Leeds is packed full of nights out, art events and things to do. It hosts several varied festivals through the year from Leeds music festival to the VW festival. A great place to take music fans or even drag your mates even for a day to Leeds music festival the experience alone is worth it and you can meet so many people who also love music and if you’re lucky you might even find love. 1000s of couples meet at festivals and share the beautiful experience together. We went to Boomtown after a few months of dating and had the best time.


Cornwall is one of the most beautiful places in the UK and an amazing place for exploring. I hope Cornwall dating is as laid back as the locals.  Last time we spoke about shopping by the beach but there is more to Cornwall than just beaches you can also visit beautiful attractions like the Eden project. A hub of rain forests, outdoor gardens and stunning nature where you can explore and learn in this unique experience your date will feel like you have taken them on a real adventure all under one roof and you can even get a stunning first picture together.


If you are looking for some classic English beauty then you can find this while in Bedfordshire. There are lots of beautiful gardens to picnic and walk in so if you meet your fellow Bedfordshire singles in time for spring you could be walking hand in hand surrounded by a sea of stunning flowers.

have you been to any of these places? What are your tips?



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