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Gift guide for him

Hey Cats,

Sometimes it’s not until it comes to Christmas or a birthday that we realise buying for the man in your life can suddenly leave you blank. I love buying presents so I have some fabulous suggestions that should keep your partner, Dad or brother super happy.

Toiletries can sometimes seem a bit boring and a little impersonal. Sure you can grab their favourite aftershave and shower gel sets always come in useful but you can pick up personalised kits to add that little special element. For the bearded man in your life this beard grooming kit from is just perfect. It comes with beard oil, shampoo and a really refreshing conditioner that can be used as a moisturiser too. The scent is subtle but manly and won’t irritate as it is really gentle. I love the personalised wash bag it just brings the gift together. You can use their first or last name or even a nickname and it’s a gift to you too because it helps keep the bathroom tidy and is perfect for travelling.

 The men in my life love experimenting with cooking which is just great for me because I get to taste it all. Sous Chef have some fantastic kits to be a little more adventurous and try making something new, have they got a passion for Japanese cuisine? This Sushi kit has everything you need from pickled ginger, sushi rice to a rolling mat and step by step guide. If you’re feeling up for it  too you could even turn sushi making into a date night together. I am super excited for the Mr to open this one so I can challenge him to a sushi competition. Sous chef have lots of fun and useful gifts for food lovers from kits to gadgets. 

You can never go wrong with a boozy gift or even if you want that added special bauble just for him on the tree. This whiskey bauble from find me a gift looks lovely and if they are itching to open their presents this could go n the Christmas Eve box. I think this bauble makes a really nice present and looks more thoughtful than a bottle of booze so can also make a great gift for family friends or even your boss. 

Does your other half love movies? Smart arts are an independent who have some really fun but stylish movie memorabilia. They have a range of posters and even had a Jurassic park coin go viral. I picked out a Gremlins poster for my Mr and it is simple and stylish but satisfies our horror geekiness.

What are you buying for the him in your life?


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