The Ultimate Self Care Pamper Evening

Hey Cats,

We are all so guilty of getting lost in either looking after others or working hard and forgetting to show ourselves some love, that is where we need to stop and take a breather. What better way to do that than have a self indulgent, relaxing pamper evening! Simply Be kindly sent me a package full of goodies to kick back and beautify. I want to share that me time with you in the hopes it will inspire you to take some time out for yourself to.

When it comes to a pamper session I love to start with a bath where you can just soak all those worries away. Bomb cosmetics make amazing bath bombs, fizzers, melts and bubble baths for all your bathing needs. Simply Be has lots of different sets from bomb cosmetics I chose the ice cream themed one because what is a self love night without ice cream of some sort. Relaxing is made so easy with bath bombs the essential oils nourish your skin making it baby soft after the harsh drying weather. The ice cream bath blaster not only looks beautiful but is packed with  sandalwood and bergamot essential oils.

I love bath bombs but for me a bath isn’t anything without lots of bubbles so this gift set is perfect as you get a vanilla sky bubble bath so combining the two and using the extra sweet castaway soap will leave you smelling and feeling delicious.

I love a good mask so went a bit crazy for a deep conditioning hair mask and a foot peeler from ok. Lovely Korean beauty inspired products to get you looking glam in no time. Hair masks always make me feel like my hair is getting a new feel, I try and do them monthly or even every two weeks hair masks aren’t just great for your hair but also for your scalp too. If I haven’t been wearing a hat in this blistering cold my sensitive scalp gets really dry and using a deep conditioner can be really soothing. I also try and use scalp masks or massage a good oil into my scalp and then wash out later. Coconut oil is perfect for this kind of thing but I found that the hair mask was easier to use and left my hair silky soft.

Peeling foot masks aren’t as instantly gratifying as they are a longer term thing after giving your feet a real treat and moisturise within a few days your feet will peel and hard skin will disappear. I will keep you posted!

Everyone knows the most comfortable of clothes id pyjamas and although we all look in horror when we see someone out and about in them I think secretly we wish we could all live in them. So comfy home clothes were super important because beauty sessions don't always have to be uncomfortable. Simply be lounge wear has so many cute pjs to choose from but I just had to have unicorns! A pair of night clothes that combines unicorns and rainbows is any grrrls best friend. I got these in a 20-22 but they go from 12/14 up to a 32/34 and for only£10 are a complete steal.

I picked up some L'Oreal dual cream which I put on straight from the bath to sooth my dry skin even though I have another treat in store for it. I have used this before and loved how great and awake it made my skin look which sounds crazy but the older I get the more concealer i find myself going through!

I also picked up an Sleep Mask from ohk! I had always been curious about sleep masks and what better time to try one out than in the winter when we get ill and the cold really gives our face a run for it's money. I get really red blotches from dry patches so have to crank up the moisturiser so this sounded perfect put on and night and let it do it's thing. I will let you know how soft my skin is after.

Lately finding time to do my nails is a real luxury and so I need to use quality products with a longer lasting polish. Rose gold is my favourite right now and Ciate has some beautiful products which you can grab from simply be. Even though this one was advertised as a beach look I think it is perfect for the upcoming party season with beautiful rose gold nails and a flash of glitter I just couldn't resist having a practice ready for the upcoming Christmas party. I love that this set has a coconut top coat to help protect our nails and keep them looking amazing for longer. I feel massively spoilt and relaxed thanks to Simply be and was really impressed with the range of items they had in their beauty section as I must admit I never seemed to check it out before but I will now.  Even better there is a black Friday special sale coming up so who needs more of an excuse to spoil themselves?

What would you have for your pamper night? Have you tried simply be's beauty section yet?

*Products gifted for review but opinions my own


  1. Those PJs look lovely, I’ll have to check out Simply Be. I love loungewear.

  2. My pamper evening would include bath bombs and a face mask for sure. I haven't tried a peeling foot mask before but I really want to x

  3. Nice kit, self care and pampering look a little different to me and involved a lot of tea. I would like to try that foot mask though.

  4. Those PJS look comfy. I love pamper evening and giving your skin a deep clean.

  5. I've always wanted to try a peeling foot mask, I honestly think it would be so weirdly satisfying!

  6. This should be a defo weekly treat for all :) I know I don't pamper as much as I should. Plus there is nothing better than getting new pjs x

  7. Eeeek I absolutely love your blog and can't believe I'm only just discovering it.

    I haven't tried Simply Be at all yet. It's only in recent times I've been more of a 14 than a 12 at times and consider myself to be becoming more of a plus size (but still an inbetweenie) and I didn't realise that their sizes start at 12 or even 10 in some things so I will need to check them out.

    This sounds like the perfect evening. I just love a bath with a book and if I'm being really indulgent, lashing on some body butter afterwards.

    V <3

  8. I do love a good pamper and mine always starts with a bath of bubbles, a hair mask, face mask, a glass of wine and a good book x

  9. I love to get new pjs, one of my favourite things to do before a good pamper. As well as finding some good movies to watch :)


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