5 Tips for getting on the dating scene over 40

Hey Cats,

Dating is a scary scene for some but people make the mistake of thinking that the older you get the harder dating gets and personally I think that is not true, in fact I think it becomes easier. When you're really young and dating it is hard to know what you really want as most people at that age have no idea who they are yet or what life holds for them. As you get older you know more and more what you enjoy and you have your own stability in yourself and life in general. Maybe you have got out of a long relationship and are jumping on the dating scene for the first time in forever and things seem daunting or maybe you have been focused on your career life and now are ready and open to love. Whatever the reason dating can be a lot of fun if you let it.

1-Don't just settle!

Too many people get insecure meet a person that is free, single, has a job and think great they will do! Always play the field a bit first go on a few dates with different people until you get that spark. Sure you may get lucky and find someone straight away who makes you feel like a giddy teenager and then of course jump on that or them even. Just make sure you are aware of your own wroth and how deserving and special you are and you deserve to find someone who will love you and everything that comes with you!

2- Be Open and Honest

If you are a long time reader of my dating posts you know I harp on about being open and honest but it really is the key to any dating. As life moves on and we get to our 40s chances are you life comes with more than just do. Don't be misled into believing that your past relationships, children or family are 'baggage' of any form. Anyone who may think that about something so precious in your life is not worth knowing and equally be accepting that your future love may come with children and maybe even complications of their own. Combining adult lives at any age becomes complex but is always so worth it. Be proud to say yes you're a parent or no you have never been in a serious relationship because to the right person it won't matter it will be part of you.

3-Don't let the past control the future

The past is just that and nobody is telling you to completely forget your life before meeting new people because it isn't always that easy. Maybe your marriage just fell apart naturally or you could have lost some suddenly and unexpected in which case you should always remember them but let yourself move on. Equally if you have had a string of bad relationships don't bring those insecurities into your next relationships take the time to heal first and know that just because in the past your relationships haven't been successful doesn't mean this next one won't be your forever love but you have to give them that chance to be there.

4-Try Online Dating

Over 40 our lives our super busy there are friends to see, work to go to, kids to attend to and so much more life can be pretty hectic. How on earth can you get the time to meet someone if you have all this on your plate. Dating on the go is the future you can jump on dating sites on your phone or computer and get to know people at your fingertips and there are even specialised dating sites now that help you narrow down your potential dates. You may think dating sites are not for your age group but there are plenty of local and over 40s sites that you can visit some great sites include senior dating, Hampshire dating, Glasgow dating, Yorkshire dating agency, and Jersey dating agency. There are now so many places to choose from to find love!

5-Take your time 

Most of all take your time! Don't feel like you have to rush things which is one of the great things about online dating you can really take the time to get to know someone before you have even gone on a date. Go on as many dates as you can before you commit make sure they well and truly woo and appreciate you for the awesome person you are.

What are your tips?



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