Dating events to find love!

Hey Cats,

A great way to start dating is by attending events and there are lots of different things you can jump into. I know the thought of a dating event may sound cringe but if you have a few single friends you can make a real night of it and if you don't meet a perfect match you will at least meet lots of people and then hopefully have the confidence to try another. Plus you can pick up tips and find out about other events from other people plus just the knowledge that everyone in the room is single is a big plus because there is nothing worse with hitting on someones eases partner.

If the words speed dating send a shiver down your spine have a think why? Dating is about meeting people and what better way than to meet lots of people at once especially if you get to sit next to your friend it will all be over in around an hour and you will have a ton of laughs and stories to tell and lets face it if anyone is a nightmare you only have to talk to them for a short time instead of all night which could be a saviour.

 I think speed dating is a fantastic way to meet people you may not have chatted to at first but might spark with instantly and it is great practise for dates. There are lots of speed dating events around now as they have grown more popular you can check out some here at speed dating in Lothian, speed dating in Nottinghamshire, speed dating in county down, speed dating in Gwent, or speed dating in Grampian. For events local to you look online and you will find lots or even set up one yourself and then you get first pick.

If clubbing is your scene then there are lots of singles only club nights these vary from rock nights to dance clubs. The only difference to a normal night out clubbing is that everyone in the room is single which puts you off to a better start and avoids any awkward misunderstandings. You get to dance the night away with fellow singles and if you're a music nut like me find people into the same music as you plus you know more what they are like before you go on your first date and more importantly if they can dance. So grab your friends and dance the night away if nothing else it is a fun night of dancing.

If you are more adventurous and maybe the only single one of your friends then singles holidays could be the best for you! Adventure awaits as singles holidays range from relaxing sunny beaches, luxury cruises or adventure holidays. A group from small to larger gets together and goes exploring/ Even if you don't feel this will find you a date it can be a good way to venture out on holiday without having to travel alone and means you have a group to discover new things with. Walking holidays and sports holidays are particularly popular for singles to band together on and then instead of getting lost in the wilderness you can get lost in someone else! How romantic to meet on holiday and a fine excuse to holiday for all those future anniversaries.

What kind of events do you go to find that perfect date?



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