5 Reasons To Visit Thailand

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If you are like me and have the travel bug you are constantly dreaming about your next trip and where to head off to next! I have so many places I want to go and one of them is definitely Thailand. A beautiful country that welcomes 1000s of visitors every day if you haven't been then you will want to go I will give you 5 reasons why you should pack that bag and book the flight today. Just take me with you please.

The Food

You may be thinking oh now come on I can try Thai food at a restaurant down the road but believe me when I say it is nowhere near the same. A lot of Thai restaurants that open in western countries tame the foods for the western pallet. When eating in Thailand you can experience true Thai food and taste the freshest ingredients grown right there in the beautiful country. There are so many beautiful flavours to try and you can get street food for super cheap and dine in beautiful restaurants by the sea or in the countryside with breathtaking views which can make any dining experience something to remember. From spicy shrimp soup to coconut chicken you can take your taste buds on an adventure make sure you try som tam!

The culture and People

Culture is extremely important in Thailand and there are many beautiful places to go where you can see culture expressed and represented in many ways. You can visit peaceful temples, local markets and visit beautiful sculptures. The best people to learn about the culture and traditions of Thailand are the people themselves. Thailand hosts a nation of welcoming and warm, friendly people who you can talk to. Part of travelling is getting to know people, go and shop locally and talk to people who offer guided tours be friendly, polite and respectful and you will get the same in return. Remember even if some of the traditions and beliefs you do not agree with always to be respectful of others cultures.

Luxury On A Budget

There are lots of stunning spa resorts in Thailand so if you want a break from a stressful life back home then Phuket Holidays can help you find luxury at a low cost. Really relax at a spa hotel where you can get massages, take some time out in the sea view pool or even go scuba diving. If you like your own space you can find some stunning villas to book for as little or as many people as you need to have travel with you with some amazing facilities that you can relax and enjoy after a long busy day. Holidays are about relaxing so take advantage of the rest time and you may be surprised at how cheap it can be to have a luxury break on a budget.

Breathtaking Scenery

The scenery you can see in Thailand is just breath taking before my friend went out to live there I thought Thailand was all beaches but it is also full of beautiful green countryside with stunning flowers and windmills. Just think how stunning your Instagram feed will look when you go on a trek in the country or even more exciting in the jungle.  

The Beaches

Lets face it when  you go on holiday you can trek up mountains and eat until you are fit to burst but sometimes the thing you want to do most is sit and contemplate on the beach watching the sea and really taking in the world. You can get out on the sea with SV Skylark as Thailand has so many beautiful beaches you can explore and with beautiful blue sea you won't be able to resist going in for a paddle. I love writing on the beach as it really helps me creatively flow and you can always build a sandcastle. 

Have you been to Thailand?



  1. My cousin and brother have been to Thailand and it looked amazing. I would love to visit one day x

  2. Thailand is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, and you have convinced me of that even more. I totally agree about trying food in the country it was invented in.

  3. Not yet but I know a few people that have and they all said it as amazing. The thing that puts me off though is the travel as it is quite far especially with 3 children. Might go when they are a little older and can enjoy it all more.

  4. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Asian cuisine I do really want to visit Thailand as I've heard and seen great things x


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