LGBT Friendly Dates In The U.K.

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Dating can get very hard when the specifics and dynamics of love change. The wide world of dating is usually aimed at 'straight' dating favouring that of men and women and meaning that there are a large number of dating sites for men and women and LGBT dating gets put into the background. Being bisexual I hated having my sexuality on dating sites as men seemed to take it as an open invitation to be like"woah man you like women too let's hook up with a girl together" and at the end of the day sexuality and preference in monogamy/polygamy do not go hand in hand. When I write about dating despite the fact I have chose to spend my life with a man I try to be inclusive as possible all dates I suggest are friendly for all.

In the LGBT scene the most important thing is a community, although the world is slowly becoming more accepting coming out almost daily is a difficult situation for many so having LGBT friendly places to go is vital! Which is why this post isn't just about dating but also finding places to build that community.  Lesbian dating in maidenstone is a great place to meet potential dates but where can you both meet fello like minded people. The Queen Arm's is a laid back pub who have karaoke nights and other fabulous events as well as serving food if you would prefer a quiet date.

Lesbian dating in Dyfed could take you on a different adventure as it may not be the first place that comes to mind but that is why it is so important to explore new places. This Welsh county is very picturesque so if you and your date are looking to make friends be in a friendly relax environment and get active then you can join the gay outdoors club , the  West Wales walking group band together to go on beautiful walks you can help your date discover the beauty of wales and you! West Wales meet once a month and walk on a Sunday and also have regular meetings and lunches. If you don't want to go alone you could look up lesbian dating in Clwyd  and find a potential match there. 

If drinking and dancing is more your scene then gay dating in Ipswich could be for you and they have a great bar called Colors who have lots of LGBT run events and nights out. Whisk your date onto the dance floor and spoil them with cocktails and you may discover their hidden karaoke skills before the night is out. Gay dating in Central is a great place to find a huge hub of places and events to go to as well as all the best places you may find a date. 

Where are you favourite LGBT friendly places to visit?



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