Lets Go To Prom

Hey Cats,

A little fact about me you may not know is that I went to an all girls grammar school. Now it wasn't a boarding school and as a whole it was a pretty awesome experience in fact it is probably one of the reasons I find it so easy to get on with women and celebrate and encourage their successes but it did mean that we missed out on some things! We didn't have exciting end if year parties I think we had a disco once which was rad but not the same as having the amazing excuse to go all out for something special like prom! I have always loved the idea of going to a prom and love that it is now becoming more popular in the U.K. Any excuse to get dressed up and have a good time with your friends while celebrating finishing something as huge as school is totally needed and important.

What is the best thing about prom? All the amazing dresses and hairstyles of course so what better way than to pretend I'm getting to go to prom than choosing the perfect outfit and hairstyle for the day. The only other day most of us get to do this is on our big wedding day so come on the journey with me.

The Outfit

Formals are all about breaking out the big guns and going full on glamour. I know some ladies may strive to be a bit different and don an amazing stylish tux themselves but I am all about the dresses. I think I have a dress addiction and I love big full dresses with lots of detail and intricate quality work. There is something for every budget out there as high street retailers have really upped their game and are now catering for all shapes and sizes of glamorous goddesses in the making. For most people glamour is all about the maxi length a long flowing gown in a luxurious material but I just never feel right in a full length dress. I even have just the perfect dress for prom with a touch of Gothic glamour I would reach for my Chi Chi London Lottie dress. Chi chi has so many stunning dresses and really are worth the money. Simply be also do some great plus size prom dresses in a range of styles and prices.

The hair

I always wish I had a way with hair the truth is I just don't have the patience but there are so many beautiful prom hair styles. I would take this chance and get my bum into a salon I just love vintage salons and styles and just imagine all the beautiful curls. As I have fine hair back combing is my best friend and without the help of extensions I will never be rocking a voluminous Kardasian look. The 90s lover in me wants any excuse to rock a sparkly tiara or at least a beautiful headband. I would love lots of big curls or a cute beehive. Here are some of my favourites ..

The Make up 

If you are already spoiling yourself with a trip to the salon may as well really get pampered and have our make up done for us too. Even make up counters have upped their game but Mac go all out and provide beautiful looks. Booking a make up artist to do a group is also a great idea. You can't go wrong with killer lashes, a flick of eyeliner and red bold lips but I also love something more dramatic too! Here are some of my favourite alternative vintage inspired looks. 

Of course the look would need the perfect shoes and accessories but you can totally see I love Gothic glamour. What would you wear to prom?



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