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5 Things To Do Before Going Abroad

Hey Jet setters,

In my last job I was always off somewhere new and it meant always having a little check list ready to make sure everything was done before I went away. I thought I would share with you 5 things I like to do before I go abroad to make the trip easier.

1. Check Passport and Important Documents

This one may sound obvious but how many times have you put your passport 'Somewhere safe' and then just forgotten where it is completely? Also check those important dates to make sure you are still within your required time, Some countries want you to have at least 6 weeks on your passport to be on the safe side. Also remember to check to see if you need any Visas before entering your destination because for places like Sri Lanka you will have to send these off long before your holiday. I like to get all my important documents together so I can get to them easily but they are still safely tucked away.

2. Get Money Changed

Once you know where you will be off to, keep an eye on the exchange rates, and consider utilizing open banking to facilitate the process of getting your money changed over. Although you can change your money at the airport or even in the country, it is a lot less hassle to do it before your departure. To make saving easier, get batches changed because if it's not in pounds, you can't spend it, right? Always compare the exchange rates of different places first to ensure you get the best deal, and explore the potential benefits of revenue based loans to manage your finances effectively.

3. Book Airport Parking

Sure getting a taxi to and from seems like a great idea but there is always so much waiting around when you can just leave your car at the airport. Airport parking has improved dramatically over the years and can now be done at the click of a bntton, You can even arrange a meet and greet at the airport booking online makes it easier on the day and can end up saving you money too! It will be so much simpler to get home and it is secure as there is always CCTV and people looking after your car while you relax. 

4. Make Sure Pets And Home Are Safe

Ask a family friend or neighbour if they can check in to water the plants and make sure the house is safe. My Mama pops round to mine to turn lights on and off, water plants and if I'm lucky tidy up ha ha. Burglaries are common when it is obvious someone is away so having a house sitter is so important. Pet sitters are just as important you can use kennels but if someone can take your pets whole your away even better. Don't wait until last minute remember your pets will miss you too.

5. Travel Insurance

Lots of people under estimate the importance of taking out travel insurance before they go away. Taking that risk can end up costing you more in the long run, If you get ill on holiday and need to go to hospital or lose your luggage the right travel insurance will have you covered, Thankfully when I took a group of young people abroad we had insurance as one of them ended up burning themselves and having to go to hospital which would have cost us a lot of money but with insurance we were fine!

What do you always have to do before you go abroad?


  1. Buy a ton of hand sanitiser ... I frequently catch colds when going long haul!

    C xx


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