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June Targets And Beating The Blues

Hey Loves,

I have been feeling so frustrated lately. I feel like I am going round in circles and not really getting ahead which has put me in a real funk and is really having and impact on my mental health. So what to do? I have decided to set myself some challenges to try and get my mind back into gear. 

First thing is to make an effort to blog every day in June. I failed at May but realised how organised blogging every day really means you have to be. To get me into the swing of organisation a lovely blogger Lisa from My Big Fat blog invited bloggers to join her to blog every day in June. So hold tight and look forward to some varied content coming your way! 

The next is to make real use of my Fitbit (which I spoke about to you lovely lot before) and walk 10000 steps a day for the whole of June.

Getting out and about is important to keep your mind fresh and hopefully this crazy weather will stop and we can have some sunshine! I love taking long walks and getting lost sometimes and it is fun finding new ways to hit 10000 steps like dancing round the living room to Cd's you forgot about or finding out where that road goes that you always wondered about.

To be frank I have been feeling down in the dumps lately and it is nothing to do with health, walking can really help with depression and so much more. Just check out this cool little picture to the left that tells you some of the other benefits of taking a stroll,

Read, create and discover is my last challenge. I love reading and each new books sends my imagination of a journey or fills me with motivation. Reading can also keep your mind active and keep from the dreaded over thinking that I am super guilty of.

Creating is another great way to get your mind ticking. I joined an awesome craft challenge and will hopefully be sharing the fun with you too.

Last one is super easy and one of my favs. I love finding new blogs, new music and going to new places. Tell me about the books you love, or that hidden band that gets you dancing!

Do you ever set yourself little targets just because? How do you beat the blues? 


  1. I try super hard to to blog as much as I can. Sometimes, I just don't have the motivation or inspiration for it though :( I'd love to link up to other lovelies who feel the same way and make something of it though! Best of luck with your June goals :D

    1. We should totally do something together sweets x


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