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Lush Fresh Seaweed Face Mask Review

I have been feeling a little ill lately and broke out of my skincare routine. So to give me a bit of a kick up the bum and a treat I used my lush gift card to pick up some goodies. One of them had to be one of their lovely fresh face masks. I have used these like a million times but always jump between Cupcake and BB Seaweed. The staff in the Birmingham store are so lovely and I always find myself chatting for way too long. Still it came in handy when I couldn't pick between the two I usually buy. Although the lady did tempt me with a gorgeous looking blueberry mask. When you go in store they always look good enough to eat.

The BB Seaweed face mask uses UK sourced toothed wrack seaweed which has strengthening and revitalising qualities. This seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals which can enrich the skin and keep moisture in, This is combined with Honey, aloe vera and other quality ingredients, non of which are tested on animals. All 21 ingredients with full details of their benefits can be viewed on the Lush website. This is one of the reasons I love to buy from lush nothing is hidden and both instore and online they are really helpful.The honey and the aloe vera make it a really gentle mask that is good for all skin types.

This calming mask is lovely and cold when you apply it because you should be storing it in the fridge. I love being in a hot bath but having a nice cold mask with some cold eye compresses, or if you really want to be old school some cucumbers which are a awesome cheap and natural way to soothe tired eyes. The mask has a thick consistency so goes on really easy and there is plenty in the pot for around 3 to 4 applications if needed. Even better if you want a pamper with some mates or your partner. I found it left my skin feeling really fresh and even a bit more toned. I did apply moisturiser after as well but my skin felt lovely and soft and I really felt relaxed.

It may seem price at just under £7 but you do get a decent amount of applications. It is cruelty free and if you take 5 pots back you get a free mask! So recycling and getting free stuff? winning all around!

Have you tried lush face masks? Which is your favourite?


  1. I have never tried that mask before but i'd love to! I'm such a huge lush fan! xx

    1. You should they are lovely and the staff will help find the right one for you x

  2. Ooooh!!! My skin needs some pampering big time!! I love the idea of these so much and I bet they are amazing BUT I have never been able to walk into a Lush store as the smell is SO strong from outside the shop.

    1. It isn't so bad once you are in there you get used to it but the products are lovely x


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