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You Discovery And Glossy Box June

I am really excited about what I got in my boxes this month. I was just thinking of cancelling one of them to save a bit of cash but I love getting surprises through the door each month.

You Discovery Box
So far it has been hard to be disappointed with this box especially since it is only £7 including postage. You have to get in quick though to chose what the two main items will be. I have made the mistake far too many times now of not jumping online on the first of the month and then being like DAMN when I see what I could of had. I do like that the items are limited though it kind of makes you feel a bit more exclusive. So this month I jumped on fast and made my choices.
The surprise items in this box were :-

Montagne Jeunesse-Dead Sea Mud mask.

I love face masks and have used this brand before. I haven't tried this one though so am pretty pleased with this and can't wait to give myself a pamper session. Especially when it is described as "Having harvested the oceans nutrient Rich Seaweed and kelp right from the source-The Dead sea Mud is a satisfying boost for thirsty skin to penetrate deep into pores and draw out impurities". If I didn't have to go to work I would be relaxing with this right now.

Expandable Face Cloth

This cute little heart shape expands to be a face cloth which is perfect for taking off the mask after. Made with a super light soft material. Plus you get the fun of watching it expand the first time. Small things amuse me.

The items I chose to receive were:-

Transformulas- Face Contour & Tightening Creme

This luxurious looking creme comes in a 15ml sample. I love the packaging as it is really appealing. Transformulas are known for their anti-ageing skin care products. As I am 31 now I thought it would be good to try this out and see if it makes any difference. I may even let my Mama try some so I can see the difference on different skins and report back to you guys to see if this product is a good buy. I am happy with this choice and looking forward to experimenting with it.

LoReal - Infallible 24H Lip Colour

I actually originally thought this was a lip gloss and there was a choice of two colours. I was tempted to pick both but then what if I hated it eek! So I went for the brighter of the two and was really excited to find that actually it is a lipstick with 24hr staying power! Just what I need I get bored of reapplying all day so this was a perfect choice for me.

This is my favourite You Discovery beauty box yet and you can subscribe to them here.


I think this is my fourth Glossybox now and this one is a bit more expensive but you get a lot more for your money. The box is all surprises which is what I like about it but I guess that can be a dangerous game. Here is this months box.
So lets break this box down.

Yohji Yamamoto - Femme

This is a Eau De Parfume from Selfridges. The full 100ml retails at £69.99 and the sample was a very decent 10ml. So it is not a tiny sample and will last some time giving a better chance to see what it like.

Advertised as a light fruity fragrance it wouldn't be something I would usually pick out but sounds like a perfect day wear.

Nail girls 3 in 1 base, top coat & nail strengthener

Full 15ml sample which usually retails at £13.50- I was going to buy a clear base/top coat anyway so this saved me buying one and gave me a chance to try Nail girls as I haven't tried them before. So this will be a staple for me in my beauty routine.

So Susan Cosmetics- Universal Blush

I usually use soap and glory blush as I find most blushers too much on me This one says that the chemistry reacts with natural pigments of your skin to give a healthy look. We will soon see if this leaves me Rosy red or with a healthy glow. Full sized sample usually priced at £18

Teeez Trend Cosmetics - Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush

For powder and creme eyeshadow application. Usually 19 euros. This is my second brush in a glossybox. I am new to brushes so this is a big help for me. Plus it is so pretty.

Nip + Fab = CC Eye Fix

Another full size sample which retails at £9.95

This cream/concealer is to help with those dark circles. I already use a product like this every single day so this is the perfect choice for me. Mama Kaos loves Nip + Fab products but I am yet to try them so even if I don't like it she will grab it out my hands.

So this box was very practical for me and well worth the fee. You can subscribe here.

Do you get any beauty boxes? what do you think? would you prefer to keep reading these posts or see them in Vlog form? keep your eyes open for reviews on items from the boxes.


  1. Im not into my make up much so haven't had any of these on subscription, but I got one at a blogger event, and found my fav lip crayon ever, so pleased I had got to try the box
    Two Hearts One Roof

    1. They are great boxes to get. The you discovery is only cheap and does more toiletries than just make up. Ooo I still haven't been to a blogger event x

  2. Oooh, I missed out on the Eyefix! I am the biggest Nip+ Fab fan. I love the cream in your other box as well. Looks like a good one to get! xx

    1. I am all about eye fixes i have been using different garnier ones for ages i have seriously dark eyes otherwise booo xx


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