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#FridayFright "Death by stereo" #Vampires

This Friday my gory fiends is all about those blood sucking not politicians....vampires.I have to be honest, vampires are not my favourite undead creatures and I like to read about them more than I do watch them. There have been some great classics though. I could have spoke about one of these films. (Bonus points if you can tell me what films they are)
Instead I had to go with one that may be slightly predictable but it is such a damn classic. The vampire for me are The Lost Boys. Before you carry on reading let me warn you...if you haven't seen this film then there are about to be some mega spoilers BUT you should be ashamed of yourself and go watch it now....then you can come back and share in my geek out.
What do you do when not only are you the new kid in town but your brother gets turned into "a goddamn shit-sucking vampire"? Simple.... tell mom and then call in the Frog brothers! There are so many awesome characters in this film I couldn't restrict my fan girling to just the vamps. Don't stress we will get around to our fang bearing friends shortly. So Sammy (Corey Haim) and Michael's mother moves them out to Santa Carlo "Murder capital of the world" to live with their eccentric grand-pop. I could only wish I had an extra granddad who loved taxidermy, being frugal and vintage cars. I also love when films make a little nod to other films when Sammy and Michael open a cupboard of craziness, smiling and saying "talk about Texas chainsaw massacre" makes me want to high five the screen. Yes I am that sad! No I am not doing it now.
The film is full of beautiful one liners like the one above. Which no doubt will be littered across this blog.Not to mention the coolest named dog ever. I know I did this last #FridayFright but that 80s fashion all big bad hair, oiled up men and dodgy shirts. Santa Carlo looks like the place to be full of high energy, fun fairs, parties and comics. Comics are all over this film and I want to read them all. Can someone take me to the Frog brothers shop please? 
Pfft come on Sammy Horror comics are the best kind!
Edgar and Alan frog are the coolest vampire hunters I have yet to see. Van Helsing eat your heart out! He didn't think of great advice like."You'd better get yourself a garlic T-shirt buddy, or it's your funeral". Fashionable and protected it could take on so long as we all get used to whiffing of garlic. When I was younger I used to mega crush all over both Corey's so this film was like a dream come true for me. Corey Feldman could not get any cooler as Edgar Frog. Alan frog also appeared in the Blob a few years later in 1988. Either way you better pray you never need to call them but they could help keep you from being just another missing poster.
Comics and 80s fashion *swoon*
In most films vampires are slick, charming and mostly rich. Give me these cheeky, leather clad, motorbike riding, gang of dodgy mullet vampires any day. They have heaps of attitude and even seems to sneak away with a crazy curly mullet. It makes me feel a little bit better about my own hair disaster as a small child. Now I will just pretend I was part of this bad ass vampire gang with Bill from Bill and Ted and a smouldering (those eyelashes) Keifer Sutherland. Even the little dude is rocking some serious fashion in his military jacket. Maybe being a vampire instantly makes any dodgy outfit cool. There are some days I could really use that so maybe I would be a little too quick to chow down on the maggots and swig on the blood.
You could argue that the film actually makes a string point of teenage peer pressure with how the turn of Michael is handled. Teasing and pushing him to be a part of them just to impress the girl. Come on Michael jump off a bridge, bang on some eyeliner and then you can moodily sulk around your bedroom in sunglasses until it is time to party. There are some awesome scenes that really glamorise these edgy vamps. I love when they rip of the roof of the couple which just shows they mean business and have some serious strength. The thought that a vampire could just rip off the roof of a car scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. 
There is also an amazing motorbike scene which makes you feel like you are a part of it and really gets the confusion and fear of Michael across. I still love the fact that these vampires love riding motorbikes and causing trouble as well as snacking down on the town. 
My only downer is the totally uncool leader who has himself down as Daddy vampire. Come on Mom when a dudes dog chases you down that hard it is time to look for love elsewhere. I do however love the creative vampire killings. Water guns full of garlic, death by stereo and lots of fun action. 
As a film maker I also really appreciate that there are some beautiful artistic shots though out the film. Amazing sunsets, fair ground shots and can we talk soundtrack. I have the CD and listened to it non stop as a teenager there are some serious tunes. Check it out.

"one thing about living in Santa Carlo is I never could stomach...all the damn vampires"

Who is your favourite blood sucker? Let me know in the comments below or even just rave about the curly mullets I want to hear from you!

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  1. Great post hon, I do love me a good old vampire movie or tv show and The Lost Boys is up there I fricking love the film, the one liners, if I ever get a husky I'm definitely calling it Nanook. And the soundtrack is amazing xx

    1. Thanks lovely. I have to admit I do like True blood too and just scored an omnibus of the books for 50p!x

    2. Oh thats a brilliant bargain. I do love me some True Blood.....sorry I was day dream of Eric Northman LOL. I've read the first book but not any others you'll need to let me know if the omnibus is good :) xx

    3. Oh Gosh Eric is so lush. I just don't get the Bill thing he annoys me! Eric is a lot wittier <3 xx


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