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My heart screams to be a B movie siren. Films that were made to be the second film played to lead up to the feature which were cheaply made and mostly badly acted quickly became cult favourites. Film makers all over the world set out to make B movies so bad they are just amazing. They are the Punk of the film world. B movie film makers in my experience are more fun, open and encouraging. Take a look at some B movies of the past.

We have all seen them and not everyone likes them, but they won my heart even more than horror. If you watched one of my music videos back in this post "8 bit Ninjas-Nice chaps" You would already know the deep routed influence of low budget, gore and cheese have had one me. Now I have finished lusting over the genre of horror lets talk about the B movie that does it for me. If you follow me on twitter (@kellykaos) you will already know how much of a Troma fan girl I am. So it will be no surprise that "Citizen Toxie-The Toxic Avenger IV" is my all time best B movie.
Be warned it is full of tongue in cheek crudeness but never meant to offend just in good ironic humour so if you are easily offended Troma are not for you.

The Toxic avenger is Troma's alternative super hero who helps protect the beloved Tromaville in his own clumsy gore fuelled way.You can;t help but find him endearing even when he is ripping off someones arms but what if he turned bad and used his mutated super human strength to terrorise? Everyone's own worst enemy is themselves but in citizen Toxie he literally is battling himself. Noxie encompasses everything a power mad evil Toxie could ever be. Toxie also battles with the baby mafia and features many of Troma''s well loved characters like Sgt Kabuki man.

B movies are all about being over the top. Troma know how to deliver the weirdest characters that often leave you wondering what you have just witnessed. The gore content is always high, bad jokes riddled through the film but most of all it will have you laughing even when you really shouldn't. Nobody can accuse Troma of not being creative. More gore oozing twists than any soap opera to grace the screen. Even Ron Jeremy couldn't stay away.

What is your Favourite B movie? Do you feast on Troma or do you rock out to giant moths?

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