Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Whats In My Ears Again

It has been a while since I blasted what I am listening to so here is what I have been listening to lately.

I can not get enough of this song at the moment. Beans on Toast is a folky indie singer from Essex that has a certain charm about him. Social educated and you just can't help but sing along.

My love of female vocals draws me to this next band that has been gracing my headphones. Bad cop/ Bad cop. Heaps of attitude and fun songs. I am totally in lust with them.

If you read My post 'I Will Always Be A Rebel Grrrl' or my C Inspirational women then you will feel how excited I am about Courtney Love being in the UK at the moment and in preparation for going to see her I have been rocking out to the new album and am stoked to see the finished video for this track. Hurry up Courtney.

What have you been listening to?


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