Gunnislake, Cornwall, UK

How to survive a 6 hour coach journey

My big brother lives in Cornwall which is a bloody expensive place to get to by train. So since I don't drive I have to opt for coaches. I have done this journey a few times now and already being the Queen of buses you think it would just be super easy. It actually isn't that bad. So lets talk about how to survive.

National express and much more comfortable and have a lot more choice when it comes to what time of day to leave but being the bargain hunter that I am I went for megabus. Mega bus has actually dramatically improved over the last few years. The drivers are super friendly and the coaches are a bit more comfy than they used to be but be warned if you like leg room this is not the journey for you. Although for tickets as cheap as £1.50 you can't really complain.

So to entertain me on the journey I took

  1. Ipod mini loaded with tunes - come on how can you survive anything without music?
  2. Snacks- A girl has gotta eat
  3. 2 books- I get bored of one generally and need to jump between books 
  4. Phone with extra battery
Honestly that is all I need for the journey. It actually luckily didn't get packed but I have to admit I spent the whole time listening to an awesome podcast. 

Cornwall is beautiful though my brother and his girl always pick me up from Plymouth which has a lovely harbour that is lush to sit by on a sunny day.

I am really close with my family so it is always awesome enough just to see them let alone be surrounded by an amazing little village. Full of cute little cottages, vast landscapes and old bridges.
The weekend was full of visiting lots of local pubs. If you like cider then you haven't tired real cider until you have been Cornwall and had some of the locally brewed cider. Although be warned it can get you pretty wasted pretty fast. 

Another thing I love about visiting my brother is as two artists they are always so fun to be around. As a creative person we are always buzzing off new crafts and ideas for creative projects. Putting the world to rights. They had made some amazing flowers and taught me how to make them. 
She also made me this awesome box.
We went to breakfast at an adorable little cafe which has an awesome view from the top of a hill. Even better though they have baby bunnies and a pen together. I haven't seen that before and I come from a farm but look how cute they are. 

Ricky and Lou

After i was pulled away from the bunnies we went into town and had a look round the shops. It is so empty though being a small town not many people were about and some of the shops were closed on Saturdays which just seems mental to me coming from Birmingham but makes sense. In the evening we went to see some of Ricky's girls family for a BBQ. By the way we are awful at making BBQ's but we got there in the end and had some awesome peri peri pork and hot dogs. Coach journey back was painless but an awesome weekend was had.
Have you been to Gunnislake before? How do you survive long trips?


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