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Avril Lavigne....Harmless, just good fun or sexist, racist and desperate?

If you haven't seen this cringe worthy video yet I don't know how you have avoided it but here you go...for the rest of us don't put yourself through the pain again.

So now you have watched it where do we start? At first it may seem like a colouful bag on fun until you hit the play button and then you just can't stop watching. The question is did she really think about what she was doing?

Lets break down the problems here. First there is the use of women as props. So many times Asian women get used by pop divas like some playful props. First was Gwen and then Katy Perry. Not to forget Miley using Black women like some promotional tool. Women of any colour are not some kind of doll. She actually has her dancers play emotionless doll like drones which only enforces the image of women being use able. While Avril prances around objectifying herself.

Now lets talk about the lyrics. Never to expect amazing lyrics but come on now Avril do we really need to stoop to fat shaming here too?
With the range of this video it is more than obvious she is marketing this at younger girls who already have enough issues with body image without lyrics to encourage shaming. Hey cupcakes are in so lets jump on the band wagon and try and appeal to the kids that way eh ;)

Avril's response to claims that she is being crazy racist were that she made this video for her Japanese fans. The same fans she objectifies and belittles how interesting. We wont even talk about the awful attempt at dub step sporting a skrillex style look how many wagons are you riding Avril?

I think what makes me saddest is Avril always had her own edgy stamp on post and I really liked some of her other work so there was no reason for this Miley style stunt 

Lets teach people to love themselves and not use their 'friends' like mean girl style tools.

What did you think?


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