Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Red Fang Come To Birmingham

I hadn't been to a gig in ages so when I got asked to go see Red Fang I was like HELL YEAH. I have only started listening to Red Fang recently so figured it could be fun to see what they were like live. If you haven't heard them yet this is my favourite track by them.

 I have been to the HMV Birmingham Institute a few times. Both back when it was the Sanctuary and now as HMV. I really like this venue it has lots of rooms and all of them are intimate. Red Fang were playing in the top room which is one of the smaller rooms but still roomy enough not be be squashed together like sardines. Although with all the beards in the room I am not so sure I would have minded ;)
Lord Dying
I had been so busy chatting in the pub that we arrived just in time to catch most of  Lord Dying's set. I hadn't been expecting much from the support bands but was pleasantly surprised by these guys. All the way from Portland Oregon not just all hair and beards. These guys brought some seriously sludgy metal to the stage. Riffs that won my heart and screaming growly bear like vocals. They remind me of everything I love about metal. If all Portland's doom metal bands are like this I am packing my case and moving there right now!
The Shrine
Next up with curls to die for and more killer beard were The Shrine Seriously I was in beard heaven. Another band I hadn't heard before but after Lord Dying my hopes were high. This Californian band had so much stage presence that I could feel it even from the back corner. Trust me ladies and gents a bad place to be a few drinks in when the bands are full swing and you need to pee. I was trying to chat with a bearded hottie though as well as listen to the bands but when the shrine came on I was silenced! Amazing guitar solos swinging them around like it was the easiest thing to do in the world, fast pounding crazy drums and some serious bass these guys didn't just make me love the band they made me want to be in the band. The front man had real presence and we met him briefly after the show and he was a pretty cool guy. Check these guys out you wont be disappointed.Either of the support bands could easily have been headliners the quality was so high.
Red Fang
Suddenly it was time for the almighty Red Fang. When I listen to Red Fang I feel like I have been transported into a Portland garage for some beer fueled beautiful sludgy stoner metal. Something about their music still has a cheery twang to it though and winds up in your head so you get a bit addicted and have to listen again. Live they were no different. They put on a great show the crowd were going mental and they left everyone hanging to hear their most popular track 'Prehistoric Dog'. You just can't help but dance to these guys even the most miserable looking men in the room were rocking out. You always know a good gig when you look at the time and it feels like the blink of an eye but it has been hours. It all felt like it was over too fast and considering I went to this gig with no expectations I came out smiling and wanting to hear more.

Have you heard any of these bands? What was the last gig you went to?


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