Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

What's In My Ears?

The other day I came across a you tube channel that I am now a little addicted to. Modern songs covered with a vintage twist. I stumbled upon this when a friend shared one of the tracks on Facebook. I am a huge fan of blues/jazz so when I saw that it was a jazz style post modern cover of the full on classic 'sweet child of mine' I couldn't click on it fast enough.

I could listen to these covers all day long. The ladies and gents in these videos are so talented. This sad clown won my heart. I already love the original to this but he just takes it to a new level for me.

These vixens and well groomed gents are so much more glamorous than most of the stars we see these days. Give me victory rolls and red lippy over sparkly booty shaking any day. These songs feel like a warm walk into the past.

Big voices, sultry outfits and bags of energy please tell me where I can see these shows live! I want to dance with this tambourine man.

Try and tell me you do not love these covers! What is in your ears this month?


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