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Active Citizens Guide To Birmingham Part One

As you know dear reader I recently went on a trip to Sri Lanka with the British council active citizens programme. I wrote a few posts about my journey. As my company is one of the few Active Citizens training providers we get the pleasure of also hosting some international visitors.  I am Birmingham's biggest fan so getting the chance to show some people around my beautiful city is awesome even better when it is part of my job.

We welcomed a lovely crew from Poland, London, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Manchester. I love learning all about new cultures so I was super excited to learn more about this team and their global organisations.

First stop was an introduction to Birmingham Museum and Art gallery. Birmingham is so full of art and culture and since YTV are currently working on some projects with BMAG they were more than happy to give our guests a guided tour. If you have never been to BMAG you really need to go it is seeped with history and beautiful relics.  Even I still learn new things every time I go. There is a beautiful huge angel as you walk through the door and on this trip I learnt it is actually a sculpture of the devil. I quickly found I loved this artists work when we came across another one of his pieces which was his take on war. I cant help but feel as though the terminator films were heavily influence by this work. Most of all though the group loved the museum for the history of Birmingham that you can find. The museum is free and sometimes even has workshops on and a great tea room so be sure to check it out.

We had some time to kill before dinner and who can come to Birmingham without checking out our new biggest feature. The library of course. You can find my previous post on the library here. We showed them the views of Birmingham but was sad to find the secret bookshelf was now gone. Bring it back please Birmingham Library!

Birmingham canals are beautiful especially at night time and there are so many restaurants and bars down by the waterside. With canals being a big part of Birmingham history we took them for a walk around the canals and on to dinner at canal side Handmade burger company. The burgers were yummy the staff were super helpful and friendly and our server was especially hot too! Dinner time was a great time for the group to bind and chat about their experiences over the day and I got to learn more about the programmes they are running in their own countries. We capped off the evening by walking them home through the mailbox with its beautiful lights twinkling off the canal waters.


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