Great Food Finds In Aldi Snacks and Drinks

Trying new foods and drinks in our household is something we love. We are a sucker if we see something new to try and have to get it. Recently Aldi has been a great place to get some great new food and drinks so I compiled some of our favourites. 

I have been trying to make healthier choices because health at every size is important and doesn’t have to be about weight loss! I have been getting on my 10000 steps a day and I have been loving overnight oats or fruit and yogurt for breakfast. I just make up my oats the night before with some of this fabulous breakfast topper or pop some in the fridge ready for morning. This breakfast topper is great as it comes already prepared with lots of fresh flavours strawberries, peach, mango and pineapple. It’s really cheap and affordable too and can be used in puddings or snack pots for lunches. There is also a smoothie pack you can pick up well. 

I love checking the middle aisle for special offers and about a month ago spotted the Joe & Sephs popcorn. I love Tiramisu this to me just had to be bought. I had been wanting to try some of their gourmet popcorn for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. My favourite kind of popcorn is coated and this was so tasty! The tiramisu flavour was delivered and you didn’t need a lot so it’s great to snack on. I went to the website to check them out and there are so many amazing flavours to try even savoury cheddar! 

I LOVE soft tacos so when we saw this kit in aldi we had to grab it. We were going to grab the salsa verde on its own which was £2.49 and the kit was only an extra £1 and came with with tacos, seasoning and salsa verde. The seasoning was really tasty and a refreshing change from el del paso and we had them with shredded chicken, coriander and onion. The salsa verde sadly was a little watery for my liking but had it been thicker the flavour is lovely. Treat yourself to a shredded chicken soft taco and you won’t go back!

The Wasabi snack mix is super tasty not too spicy. You get a variety of rice crackers, coated peanuts, peas and peanuts. A great mix of textures and even though they were all wasabi coated all had their own flavours. Sad these are limited edition but will be grabbing some next time we visit. They also do sweet chilli rice crackers or a chip shop curry mix. 

Aldi are always on point with their flavoured ciders but these lemonades are just perfect for enjoying in the sun. Pink lemonade is my favourite flavour lemonade in general I found this cider really refreshing and great over ice. The blueberry lemonade was packed full of flavour and would be ideal for a summer picnic. 


  1. Aldi have some great snacks in. I need to see if I can find that popcorn in my local as it sounds delish! xx

  2. Worst cider I've tasted more like lager very disappointed.


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